Smart Health Card Solution

represents pinnacle of engineering, smart card programming and usability effort. No other medical smart card in use today has the same functionalities and versatility found in eHealthONE.
It is not just a health card but a whole system suite built on foundations to be secure, portable and a universal carrier of personal medical records.
Loaded with features not found anywhere else eHealthONE creates new standards in smart health card systems. Anybody thinking about upgrading their paper based or PC based health system to smart health cards system should not waste opportunity to check out HealthONE solution.

Advanced Medical Card

eHealthONE is the most versatile medical smart card in the world today, bar none. Feature for feature it beats other cards

Advanced Insurance Card

2 insurance account, real time insurance coverage validation, 100% patient ID verification, instant claim facility

Government services supported

The health card also supports goverment services like visas information, driving license and electronic voting

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