TaxiONE - Smart Card Payment Solution
TaxiONE Smart Card Payment Solution for quick and easy payments in taxi cab. Cashless payment fights crime

Smart Card Payment Solution

TaxiONE - Smart card payment solution using encrypted smart cards

Are your taxi cab drivers getting robbed at gunpoint or knife point?

If you believe this only happens to somebody else you'd better take a look at THIS VIDEO! That gruesome killing happened in Equador in 2014.
The taxi cab driver was killed for just a few dollars.

The "technology" criminals use is always the same and outcome is that the taxi driver gets robbed, hurt or worse, killed. Nobody needs to experience this. It is not isolated to just the middle of the night, dark alley or a remote location of the town. A crime like this can happen at anytime, anywhere. The truth is that violence against taxi drivers is widespread across all countries and continents. Their vulnerability to crime makes the job of a taxi driver a very dangerous one.

The problem starts with the method of payment used in more than 95% payments processed. It is simply cash. Dollars, Euros, Krones, Rupijas ... currency does't matter. It gets accumulated with the driver and may form a lethal attraction with a passenger who wants a ride and money too.

We have a smart card payment solution to this problem, and it is called the TaxiONE system!
TaxiONE is a cashless payment application created specifically for the taxi market. The cost per taxi is only $230.00! That is the final and only cost to the driver. No license fees! No GSM and connection fees needed! No per transaction costs! No communications required! No radio required! Secure payment done under 10 seconds!

TaxiONE is based on very few components:

  • Smart payment cards
  • Smart control cards
  • Secure payment terminal
  • TaxiONE backoffice software

    Smart payment cards - carried by passenger, preloaded with electronic money, secured with an optional PIN similar to a banking card.

    Smart control cards - used by the taxi driver, identifies driver to the passenger, carries digital transaction log and collects payments. It also represents a security subsystem that ensures security and integrity of the whole system.

    Secure payment terminal - used by the taxi driver to perform payment transactions. Small, battery operated, very easy to use, no wireless communications required for payment to be completed.

    TaxiONE backoffice software - central management software used to issue payment cards, top them up, issue and oversee the driver's control cards, get reports, pay out collected money

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How our Smart Card Payment Solution works?

Gold Taxi payment card could mean discount for frequent user of taxi services

Passenger buys preloaded smart card at convenient locations like:

  • Mini markets
  • Hotels
  • Variety stores
  • Online
  • Corporate buyers would order directly from taxi company

    The taxi driver uses a handheld secure terminal to process the payments. His control smart card is inserted into the terminal before the payment takes place. The same card also unlocks the payment device. When the driver's card is removed the payment terminal is unusable. A stolen or broken device does not present a value target. Money collected from passengers is securely stored in the driver's control card.

    After the ride is over the driver enters the amount into the terminal and hands it to the passenger. Passenger inserts his card and confirms the payment by entering a PIN number (optional). The payment amount gets securely transferred from the passenger's card to driver's card. Transaction complete!

    The same terminal can be used to verify the balance available in passenger's card. When the amount is near expended passenger can top up the card at:
  • Taxi company sales offices
  • Hotels
  • The system also supports portable sales performed by re-sellers, dealers, variety stores so the card could be re-charged anywhere convenient

    The card can be re-charged with electronic money thousands of times and used for years. Because of that it is an environmentally friendly solution. All electronic transactions mean no papers will be wasted using the TaxiONE system. In an expanded system the same payment device can be used to top up the passenger's smart card with more money. With the obvious advantage of a small size and being able to re-charge, this can be performed anytime, anywhere! Still because of the system's security features, sales people authorized by the taxi company office shall be able to do that. Special sales control card for TaxiONE - Smart Card Payment Solution is needed.

Who also likes Smart Card Payment Solution?

Our cashless payment system uses Ingenico terminals to process payments at any time

Everybody involved benefits from TaxiONE

  • Taxi drivers. Cashless system greatly increases driver's safety. For that reason alone system represents invaluable solution. It solves the major problem of the risks the taxi drivers take each day when they start their taxi cabs.
  • Taxi driver's wife. Nobody will rob their man ever again when he comes home with smart card in hand. Also, every night after work (or at any desired interval) the driver redeems collected money by presenting control card to operator. Operator pays by electronic money transfer directly to driver's bank account. Cashless transaction again.
  • Passengers. Similarly to drivers, they also feel more secure and in control when paying by chip card instead of cash.
  • Parents. Can give cards to children rather than giving away cash.
  • Business customers. Can easily control expenses for it's management. Get corporate pricing and enjoy the savings.
  • Accountants. Taxi company or operator of the system shall get steady inflow of income since passengers will buy cards and load them with money in advance.
  • Marketing. Phone number up front ensures that YOUR taxi cab company will be called in first! Besides that, the card has two sides. While chip side is usually printed with company's artwork real estate on the back side can be sold for advertising. Hotels, restaurants, cinemas, pizza places, bars, attractions ... everybody is welcome. Their advertising money will help pay for the system and bring extra income in the future.
  • Government - Tax man. System like this brings in order into rather chaotic and dynamic business that does not have time for paperwork.
  • Illegal taxi drivers. They shall all but disappear! In "regular" market illegal drivers take big piece of the pie from licensed and regulated drivers. With TaxiONE implemented customers will quickly learn that they can pay with smart cards only. Only licensed drivers shall be able to get terminals and control cards! Everybody else is excluded!
  • City. City Government shall be very happy with new opportunity to get business in order. Smart Card Payment Solution is innovative, can promote tourism in every place where implemented. Safe taxi cabs are on everybody's agenda.
  • Enterpreneurs. TaxiONE Smart Card Payment Solution opens new opportunities for other people and businesses to earn money as re-sellers of the pre-charged cards. Recharging cards with more money. Advertising on taxi smart cards. Expanding the system to restaurants, coffee places, cinemas, beach item rentals, bicycle rentals.

    You never know where TaxiONE cashless payment system can take you!

More ...

Terminal belongs to taxi company or driver so there are no payments to the banks

TaxiONE is not owned by the banks. Terminals and all parts are owned by taxi company (operator). No money to be paid out to third party!

  • Shall we say again that cards are encrypted and protected against copying, counterfeiting, stealing and changing of any kind.
  • If protected by PIN neither driver or passenger's card can't be misused. Only driver can redeem money paid to the card so found or stolen card is useless.
  • TaxiONE software is customizable at time of buying so desired features can be ordered.
  • If remote download is built-in, driver can send transactions from his home at his leisure. No need to go to central office.
  • If WEB integration is supported money management is transparent and can be reviewed in Internet browser.
  • Both passenger's card and driver's card contain digital log with date, time, driver ID and amount so rides can be reviewed at later date.
  • After TaxiONE is purchased there is nothing else to buy, no monthly or yearly licenses, maintenance to pay.
  • There are no restrictions in TaxiONE software. You can expand and not be limited by number of cards or number of taxi driver's terminals.
  • It works! Systems similar to TaxiONE are being used in several cities over the world. For example, Sao Paolo, Brazil. About 40,000 taxi cabs. Hundreds of thousands of passenger smart cards.
  • Non-attended kiosks could be used to recharge smart cards with more money

How our Smart Card Payment Solution works!

This is how we do it
Pictures say 1000 words so here are some explaining manipulations with the payment terminal:

1. Back of the payment terminal is shown, slide-in cover removed, passenger's and driver's cards ready to be used. It is visible that terminal is powered by two AAA batteries

2. Driver inserted his personal control card into the terminal. Card will carry balances and may also carry daily transactions. Card stays inserted whole day or working shift

3. With cover in place protecting a card terminal is now ready to be use

4. After the ride the taxi driver types in the fare cost and hands the terminal back to the passenger. He will insert his payment smart card into the second smart card slot on top of the terminal and press OK to confirm payment. System PIN is optional. In that moment the electronic payment is performed. The balance gets deducted from the passenger's card and is added to taxi driver's card. His card collects money from all rides.

No cash is visible or allowed at any point! Actually payments by cash should be prohibited. Frequent taxi users, businesses, under age children and many others will sure accept system and buy a card.

TaxiONE Smart Card Payment Solution terminal + driver's car + passenger's card shownDriver's card is inserted into the terminal Smart Card Payment Solution - Cover closed and terminal is ready to accept passenger's card Passenger pays using his smart card

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How much does it cost? Not much and you will recover the investment quickly!

Not to repeat the same line again but the driver's safety is paramount here. The Smart Card Payment Solution will prevent untold attacks on those hard working men once and for all.



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Smart cards production

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