Insurance Card plus Insurance Management Software
Insurance Card plus Insurance Management Software


Insurance Card / Insurance Management Software

Visual check of presented card won't cut it any more! Unlike paper or simple plastic card our Insurance card securely stores card holder's personal ID and insurance information. We have options where card can be validated in real time, updated in real time, insurance restrictions, budgets, limits written and checked. We understand that every insurance company may have specific needs and goals to achieve but one thing is out there for sure: insurance companies need to protect their system, integrity and security! There comes a chip card as perfect vehicle to achieve those goals. It will also save insurance companies money.

InsuranceONE system like this could save insurance companies a lot of money. Cards actively fight insurance fraud and prevent it on many levels. Every card:

  • Validates card holder's identity
  • Checks live coverage plan
  • Checks for restrictions imposed on account
  • Can be de-activated for non payment or expiry purposes
  • Enables doctor to create electronic claim in less than minute and get paid quickly
  • Controls claim process
  • Prevents medical errors

This is the ultimate Insurance Card plus Insurance management software!

Ask for more information and check possibilities. See our eHealthONE Card having core functionality completely devoted to personal health records + Insurance management.


Smart cards production

Did you ever see how smart cards are produced? Watch smart card manufacturing here: