Visitor Smart Card
VisitorONE - Smart Card Visitor Card / Tourist Card


Visitor Card / Tourist Card,

Tourists bring life and money to various destinations around the world lifting up present hospitality industry and overall economy. Every city or place should attract tourists to come over and visit various places, spend money in process and learn about culture and history.

VisitorOne is smart card based system where tourist buys card pre-loaded with visits to local attractions. Brochure in the package with card shall list all most interesting locations to see. Visitor Card is loaded with certain number of visits and they are subject to flat, lower fees. Much lower than paying at the entrance to each of those places. It may be museum, boat ride, ZOO, gallery ... anything goes.

At every entrance tourist pays for himself and his family using single VisitorOne card. Low cost and practical solution!
The Visitor Card (Tourist Card) can be re-charged with more visits and in the end of the trip retained as small souvenir reminding about interesting trip for years to come.