Smart Ticket
TicketONE - Ticketing Software may be universal ticket that enables person to visit same or different performances. Could be re-charged and last forever

Ticket System / Ticketing Software

To go to concert, sport event, cinema, special dinner or any kind of organized event where you consumer pays for admittance you need a ticket. In 99% of the cases it is a paper ticket that gets discarded right at the entrance. Practical, but not very environmentally friendly solution! It does however, provide endless work for printing and paper companies.

What is there was a reusable ticket that will last almost forever, could be personalized for the certain groups of users? How about being smart so it can be programmed for months in advance, give you discount as regular guest, be able to track usage for better event management, fast pass at the entrance?

What if you could sell both sides of that ticket as an advertising media to taxi cab companies, hotels, pizza places, restaurants, airlines, bus companies, fashion stores, banks ... ? Basically it would advertisers would be anybody who would like their advertising message to be in person's wallet at all times.

One more important feature of the ticket is that it shouldn't be easily duplicated or counterfeit. Otherwise people will get in without paying for the admittance. Promoters and management will lose money. Paper ticket is not greatest media in that respect.

Same as many other companies event management loves to get consumers that take and pay for series of events in advance. That is money already collected and many subscribers like that will create significant income before any services are rendered. Valuable customers like that deserve special treatment and again you have to ensure that they receive ticket book with series of tickets that will be used in upcoming weeks or months. What if person didn't have to go to sales office but rather update ticket on-line with secure transaction?


We believe that our Ticket System / Ticketing Software system based on usage of smart cards addresses all of the above problems and actually does much more ...

TICKET HOLDER - will buy a smart card ticket at ticketing office. It will be PVC smart card, nicely printed with your advertising message. Inside the card is contact-less smart chip that can be programmed and re-programmed thousands of times. In real life that ticket will be programmed for events and be re-used many times. It becomes something valuable to card holder and it could become an collectible item.

TicketONE shall be programmed at event sales offices. It could be one time event or multiple events like season pass.

Upgrade to the system brings new functionality and that would be purchasing and programming TicketONE at home. Established on-line credit card payment system is pre-requisite for this upgrade.

At the entrance ticket holder just presents the TicketONE to the RFID reader and in less than a second gets validated for entry. Reader digitally stamps the ticket, validates that one entry and sends data to central ticketing system.

EVENT MANAGEMENT - shall run TicketONE system using regular PCs + smart card readers. Ticket offices could be in one building or anywhere that there is an Internet connection available. Using secure transactions, on-line data base shall be contacted with ticket purchase in order to reserve specific seats. Very few persons get involved in actual cash transaction greatly reducing or eliminating leakage and improving overall system accountability.

Industry standard DES or 3DES encryption shall be used to preserve system's integrity and security. Data base used shall be MySQL ensuring reliable data base operations extensive reporting and feed of on-line queries and presentation.

Increase number of dealer's or sales office locations to new proportions. Only requirement is Internet connection. Tickets are inexpensive and easy to control. They will promote themselves when nicely printed with your advertising message.


Ticket System / Ticketing Software  > Features - short list

  • Ticket can be re-used thousand s of times
  • Ticket is credit size smart card
  • Information in the ticket can include (not limited to) name, phone number, valid for single or multiple events, seat reserved, ticket validated
  • Information is encrypted and impossible to counterfeit (3DES)
  • Optional e-mail to ticket holder every time when ticket is used
  • Personalize ticket with photograph of the card holder
  • Unlimited number of ticket sales offices
  • Events presented in graphical format with map layout of the event with seating
  • Ticket can be printed on on both sides, advertise your company or sponsors
  • Industry standard MySQL used for main data base
  • Networked sales offices
  • Small number of people handling cash, no leakage
  • Transaction logs, reports from data base available to management
  • WEB site on-line sales with minimal investment for user
  • Fast entrance with contact-less validator
  • Optional portable validator for improvised events

COST - Ticket System comes with:

  • MIFARE or DESFire contact-less cards - $0.97 / $2.20 ea.
  • Cards can be printed in small series for nominal fee. Artwork supplied by you or custom made by our artist ($60.00ea.)
  • OmniKey contact-less smart card readers, USB - 81.00 ea.
  • Ticket System / Ticketing Software, depending on features selected it shall be custom tailored to your needs - $5990.00 - $14990.00


MIFARE 1 kB of memory card, contact-less, white on both sides, can be printed on
Price: $0.97USD



  • Every smart card software you see here can be modified to do exactly what you want it to do for you (extra fees may apply)
  • Card Software that you don't see can be custom made for your application. Click HERE for more info!
  • Most of the smart cards you get will be printed in full color raising value of services you provide.