Smart ID Card


All in one smart card system!

Driver's license is probably the most used ID document in the world ! Same stands for the vehicle licenses. So every driver must have officially issued driver's license and every vehicle has to have some kind of vehicle permit. Every person has to pay a fee to get those documents issued. Now we are getting to real scope of that. It is billions of portable documents and it costs money to get them! Every country issues and controls those ID documents.It represents means of control over drivers, vehicles and also great source of revenue. Every driver MUST come back to extend validity of the license. Same stands true for the vehicles. Those documents are "protected" by means of shape, appearance, printing, even magnetic stripe in the back in case of some plastic cards.

Now comes the bad part: criminals are not really deterred by those "protection" techniques. In some countries it is possible to obtain fake official documents for small fee.
In many African countries practice like that is rampant problem. In most of them drivers pay fees for license, vehicle and insurance only first time and never again. Government loses a huge chunk of revenue
in the long run. Main reason for that is inability for officer to check validity of the presented document when standing on the street in the traffic. Counterfeit documents are so good that it is really hard to validate original from copy. Officer on the street has to deal with traffic or overall situation and does not have time, expertise and technical abilities to adjudicate and determine 100% sure if presented document is real or nice clone of the same. Extra communications or network infra structure is needed at the spot to verify that presented ID really exists and it is not expired. That check will still NOT verify if presented credential is original or knockoff copy! Same situation can be looked over from completely different angle. Not often, but sometimes officer might not be a person whom he/she is representing to be! How do you know if he/she
is authorized to see your driver's license or other documents? Uniform would be way to recognize legitimate police officer but in many instances they are not only ones authorized to check end users IDs.

Now how do you solve that situation?


Smart Chip Card Solutions has a smart card solution that really solves all those issues and more. To start with:

  • Smart cards are small, they fit everybody's pocket
  • Smart cards are very secure, can't be read, copied, manipulated, counterfeited or duplicated
  • Smart card protect privacy where needed Smart cards are re-writable
  • Smart card can contain digital log with location, date, time, person's stamp to record every transaction
  • Smart card can contain digital instructions, no mistakes with handwriting
  • Smart card could be used anywhere, in the office, on the street, in boat... literally anywhere
  • Smart card can be set that certain profile of official personnel can see only certain portion of card data
  • Insurance, administrative and personal ID data are available
  • Long sign ups at offices can be avoided, just insert card into the smart card reader
  • Only after officer presents his/her own control smart card transaction can take place
  • Small smart card terminal can read smart cards anywhere, any time
  • Smart card could be used in the offices, county, town, state or better, whole country
  • Smart health cards speed up administration processes
  • Smart cards save hundreds of millions in administration, insurance, public funding, government money
  • Smart ID card can be loaded with basic emergency medical information and could save lives in dangerous car accident situations
  • Smart card hardware is reasonably priced. Any PC can be set to read or read/write smart cards, there are many different readers available



Smart ID - ONE smart card securely stores various collections of data:

 Card administrative data, expiry date
 Card holder's personal information
 Insurance coverage information
 Medical Emergency information
 Driver license records
 Vehicle information or usually it is a separate card (carried in the vehicle)
SMART CARD ID / SMART CARD DRIVING LICENSE is actually system with back office where cards are created from blank smart cards, personalized and issued to end users. Also, cards are controlled in the Main Data Base (MDB) so they can be deactivated or deleted if lost or stolen. Access to the system is controlled by usage of special SAM smart cards so no manipulation is allowed without one. Every person handling driver's license cards shall use SAM card in order to perform duties. Every time when card is used anywhere digital log entry is created in the card and it shall be possible to see who handled the card in past. Higher level authority in the system issues and control SAM cards with capability to issue, extend or invalidate SAM cards at will.
With regular driver's licenses every change, like address, phone number or expiry date really means destroying old one and issuing new card. On larger scale that practice must cost millions! Sometimes Government office just issues replacement and drivers don't pay for new card, but there is always a burning question: Who pays for that?
The quick answer is: since we are all tax payers it is actually us (end users) who foot that bill! And it is sure not small.
How are cards checked and edited for change of information? In offices smart card readers are used with standard PCs.

For anywhere else SMART CARD ID / SMART CARD DRIVING LICENSE uses hand held, portable smart card terminals similar to one depicted on the right.

It has 2 smart card slots and official has to insert his/her personal control card before checking end user's card. Upon insertion of the driver's card both cards validate each other before releasing encrypted information stored in the smart card. No other costs, communications, radio calls, checks are needed! Smart ID-ONE smart card instantly populates on-screen form and allows official to check it out.
SmartID-ONE is easy to use, just insert in smart card reader and in an instant (using SMART CARD ID or SMART CARD DRIVING LICENSE  Software) records shall be available for processing. Almost nothing to learn, fast adoption of the system is possible on every level of the Government organization. Software is pretty straight forward, intuitive,with familiar tabs and buttons makes using smart card a pleasant experience.No special training is required.
SmartID-ONE Security and integrity of the system is ensured by using advanced encryption techniques and system organization.
SmartID-ONE cost of implementation is one time investment that pays itself back in short period of time. After that it costs nothing to run the system and suddenly operator of the system can see revenues that didn't exist before!
SmartID-ONE also protects environment. Because records and transactions are all electronic there is no more tons of papers, storage facilities, toners, cartridges, photo copy costs and simply paper waste that fills up landfills. Smart cards last 4-6 years in every day use and in reality could really last a lifetime since card contents could be updated endlessly.
SmartID-ONE saves money on insurance as well! Days of driving with no insurance are over. That information could be loaded into driver's or vehicle smart smart license card and changed upon regular payment made to insurance company. Again, easy to check information. No extra papers to be mailed and carried around.
For SMART CARD ID and SMART CARD DRIVING LICENSE hardware we use German made smart cards and readers only. On smart card readers we offer 2 year Warranty!

Smart cards production

Did you ever see how smart cards are produced? Watch smart card manufacturing here: