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MemberONE The smartest Membership System / Membership Software ever created!

Membership System / Membership Software

There are many different membership system`s everywhere around. Memberships are very popular forms of gathering participants in particular activity.
For many motive to sign up is to save money in some kind of reward points or discount scheme.

That is exactly what MemberOne smart card membership software is all about. It saves money to members but even more to membership operators!
Specially in large systems operator has a real logistical problems how to control subsidiaries and ultimately members habits.

Best example could be a large industrial supplies company located in Europe. Let’s call them Give it Away Co. So Give it Away company is headquartered in Austria and supplies parts for agricultural machinery to about 280000 farmers. Farmers buy parts for their tractors, combine harvesters and other machinery. They buy parts through network of 700 dealers spread out throughout a whole Europe.

That spread out customer base is great thing for Give it Away Company meaning they have a large number of customers in many countries. However it also represents logistics nightmare:

  • It is hard to control that many dealers
  • It is even harder to control 280000 customers, see their purchasing habits and react with adequate discounts
  • It is very hard to control dealer specific ordering profiles, even harder to do that on country specific bases
  • If there is no proper field data with distributor's statistics it is even harder to react with application of bonuses and discounts
  • Marketing strategy becomes blurred and it is more as shot and miss effort where feedback (if any) comes too little, too late
  • Money is lost on returns and lack of information



These days ever popular Cloud dominates as solution. Perceived as low cost and universally accepted way to solve any problem we are pretty sure that one will think it is a right thing to do.

We don't think so! Cloud is practical for non critical data usage for masses. As solution for professionals it lacks security and demands high speed Internet presence 24/7. On-line servers are pretty much invitation for hackers and competition to get into highly confidential data and defraud the system at it's core.

Membership system by definition is based on cards that identify members to the sales people and system itself. Cloud would use simple card with number to search internal data bases for member's info in order to apply it to the ongoing purchase. When talking about cards we come to our field of expertise.



Essence of our Membership system is chip card supplied or sold to active members. Card is their gate to savings and it could be easily sold for nominal amount effectively covering cost of not only card but whole system.

System is built like a pyramid with complete control given to the operator:

  • There is a MASTER membership card that enables operator to issue all other cards and control distribution
  • There are DISTRIBUTOR cards used by sales people at distribution locations
  • There are MEMBER cards given or sold to every member



Master card is most important card in whole system. It carries encryption information and access to different software modules. It enables operator to issue individual cards to distribution centers. 
Using Master card and special software operator determines features and capabilities given to distributor's cards.

For starters operator is capable of de-activating any distributor's card at any time remotely. It doesn't matter in which country card is being used at. Operator can also determine global discounts given to specific distributors. 

Our example business, Give it Away Company actually provides larger pieces of machinery on consignment to the distributors. Practically that means very expensive equipment may sit somewhere and never be sold while somewhere else same machinery is in demand.

Using automatic feedback data statistics operator can change supply of such parts. Can provide extra discount levels to specific countries or dealers in order to move not sold parts and get rid of them.

If distributors or dealers are based on franchise model it may be ever important that operator can disable their cards until dues are paid.

Operator finally controls single price list from headquarters. Nightmare of distributor's specific price list is over forever! Distributor's discounts are controlled easily from software module. Any action there is instantaneous and there is no delay in updating prices in fields.

Thus fire sales are possible system wide or be specific to certain countries or distributor's locations.

Number of cards sold to actual members is best indication of actual customer base. Active customers and those ones who spend specific amounts of money in certain time frame become very valuable. Operator can not afford to let those customers go to some other suppliers. With MemberOne operator can reward those customers directly by sending bonus amounts to their cards and/or moving them up to Silver, Gold or Platinum membership levels where discounts are bigger.

Speaking of membership discount levels there is a space for unlimited number of discount levels. Operator can really customize them to fine points. All that is done remotely without ever mailing single letter and spending untold amounts for membership correspondence maintenance. Member Card updates are done automatically!



Distributors get their personalized or at least sales desk control cards. Using those cards they are able to access MemberOne - Membership System Manager. Without valid control card our membership software will not even open. Distributors can create member cards. Give them away or sell cards. Global discounts levels are set in the system and tailored for every distributor. Sales trends are recognized by operator almost instantly and can be rewarded accordingly.

Sales software holds easy to use billing and reporting. Control cards and member's cards automatically fill up electronic forms for quick sales processing.

Distributor is encouraged to enroll as many members as possible. Distributor earns cash on cards and later on repetitive business.



Member pays a nominal amount for membership card. Card is personalized at the distributor's location in a minute or two. Could be mailed to member already personalized and ready to go.

MemberOne card represents instant reward to every member. There is default discount level that immediately can knock off 5% or 8% or whatever distributor starts with. Card is issued only once and can be used forever. Since updates are automatic there is no need to replace a card when discount level or address of card holder changes.

First time ever using MemberOne card valuable member may be recognized at the top of the marketing structure.


Who could use  MemberOne  - Membership System

List can be very long. Here are some suggestions but not limited to the following:

  • Vehicle distributions
  • Food distribution
  • Pharmacy - medication sales
  • Medical services, hospitals, therapists
  • Tourism - travel sales
  • Any distribution where distributors are spread out over far or on many geographic areas
  • Machinery sales
  • Parts suppliers or any kind
  • Cinema chains
  • Any franchise organization (fast food, cleaning, car services, repairs ...)
  • Cruise ships, bus travel, train travel, air travel
  • Discount retailers like Cosco, SAM Club
  • Any distribution