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Independent Banking System


Yes, why not?

There are many places on earth where banks do not exist. There are also many places where existing banks are not popular or not fulfilling requirements of local people.

Here is our take on that problem.


ePurse or electronic purse is not a new concept. It exists in Western Europe and lately around the world for many years now. Main idea about it is instead of carrying around wallet with cash and coins in pockets to use a single card and pay using electronic money. Not by coincidence smart cards are chosen as really the only vehicle to be used in true ePurse systems. Advantages are numerous and quite obvious:

Smart cards are small, they fit everybody's pocket
Smart cards have common and widely recognized size and physical appearance
Smart cards are very secure, can't be read, copied, manipulated, counterfeited or duplicated
Smart card protect privacy where needed
Smart cards are re-writable and can be re-used thousands of times
Smart card can contain digital log with location, date, time, person's stamp to record every transaction
Smart cards can be personalized or anonymous, does not change functionality Smart cards create electronic transactions and saves trees
Smart card could be lost or stolen but money loaded could be recovered by the system


Every store owner knows that a customer loyalty is most important factor which drives their business farther and farther. Countless studies proved that the customer that comes back for more is most valuable customer. It takes about 4-8 times more in marketing money to bring new customer than to keep the existing one. ePurse is perfect vehicle to bring customers back and put money in the merchant's pocket.

Greatly reduces fraud and theft Reduces cash handling costs
It efficiently replaces cash It can be given as a gift to kick start ePurse usage (campaign)
Consumers see ePurse Smart Card as much more valuable card then any other types loyalty
It is highly secure payment system
It works off line, you can be a waiter in front of the restaurant and perform ePurse transaction portable terminal
Provides customer's loyalty
For low value payments card is enough, for higher value payments it could be combined with PIN or even fingerprint

ePurse card should not be mistaken for a credit card. Besides many differences between magnetic stripe cards and Smart cards most important here is that electronic money value is loaded into ePurse card while credit card does not contain money. Credit card to function needs huge and sophisticated system backend and ePurse card does not.

Handheld terminal + card is all you need to perform cashless transaction. Security of e-Purse Smart Card is so much better then mag stripe card which is quite easily copied and reproduced by criminals.


Mankind had plenty of time to play with metal or later paper presentation of money. Before that it was strictly bartering. Chickens or animal skins for something else. Not very practical, but for starters it worked. Revolution with money all started 5000 years B.C. ago. Next big one was invention of credit cards that put plastic money permanently into consumer’s pockets. That is where we are at today.

Micro banking idea comes from need to provide smaller banks or rather bank-to-be operators with payment solution that is easy to sue, secure, practical and affordable. Especially in Africa lack of financial institutions is wide spread. Only very small percentage of population has bank account and even less credit cards.

Wireless mobile providers noticed opportunity and filled up the gap with mobile phone payment service. People keep money in mobile phone accounts and pay to each other by sending SMS payments. It does work and provides wireless providers with Millions of customers since to be able to pay anything person has to have mobile phone account. There are fees involved as well, but being “only game in town” provides wireless carriers with big leverage.

Our solution is a privately owned cashless Independent Banking System. We say “small” conditionally. Most of the big things started small. It could be also used as micro or small bank. System is built in that way so there is really:

No limitation on number of cards
No limitation on number of users in the system
No limitation on minimum or maximum amount transaction. It is self regulated feature
eBankONE name can be re-branded and customized to customer’s liking


Fees? What fees? Since there is no connection whatsoever to existing Visa, Master, American Express or any other payment system there are no fees to be paid to third parties! Actually software allows operator of the system to adjust fees internally as needed. They can always be kept very low and very competitive. Operator completely controls backend office software. Promotion runs are easily implemented or revoked in a minutes. Time to be a hostage to large banks or credit card companies is over for good!


You bet it does!

eBankONE is true ePurse card and in that respect it could be used as a bank debit card
It looks and feels as regular bank / credit card
It is protected with PIN as a regular bank card
Transactions are recorded with great precision and scrutiny as a bank card are
Card are used with banks PCs and POS terminals
Smart cards used are really high end banking cards manufactured by NXP, Germany
eBankONE chip cards are protected to highest bank or better standards and encryption eBankONE cards use are supported by modern ATMs
eBankONE backend software allows complete control and audit over all transactions
Merchant’s and consumer’s transactions are completely transparent and visible at the click of the mouse


Our Independent Banking System is all about security. Smart cards are natural and only way to ensure security and integrity of the system. PIN is present in every card and PIN length is 6 digits as opposed to standard 4 digits other banks and credit cards use. Optionally color picture could be written in the card and fingerprint authentication as well.
Encryption used is best encryption technology offers today. Actually several different encryption schemes are used in eBankONE system. Both symmetric and asymmetric make system rock solid and impervious to criminal break-ins.
Smart cards used are made by NXP, Germany, JCOP family, dedicated to banking industry. There is no cutting corners here! RSA, 3DES, AES, SHA, secure channels, one time session keys security is applied where and when needed.
Same with POS terminals, ATMs and other readers used in the system. Made in Germany, Canada and USA all adhere to highest standards where quality is not an option but rather provided feature! Security of the system can not be discussed into more details in this brochure. Serious buyers shall get personal demonstration of all components in direct contact only.


It is interesting that Billions of money value transactions are performed every day around the world however we don’t see consumers getting any richer! It is a quite opposite. Just look at credit card companies and banks. They are getting a small cut from every purchase usually charging both sides fees for usage of the payment system. Simply, consumer is not rewarded for purchases but rather charged fees for them.

If programmed and set so eBankONE may be probably first payment system that is built around rewarding consumer to earn something back every time when making a purchase. Yes, there are many rewards and points system around but they are something of local character where consumer collects points into some kind of account or card and after so much money spent at one store he/she can go back and get a little something for those points.

eBankONE is loaded with rewards from every angle you look at it:
eBankONE is a ePurse payment card
eBankONE is a debit card
eBankONE earns points from EVERY purchase with EVERY participating merchant
eBankONE rewards points can be used in ANY participating store
eBankONE is a gift card.
Simply given as a present to anybody eBankONE is re-loadable thousands of times.
Any merchant can do it eBankONE no transaction is too small or too large

There is more:

eBankONE system allows money transfers between card holders
eBankONE Millioner game that rewards single buyer randomly every week or month gives merchants management tools to control, change and oversee transactions
Every transaction can be viewed on Internet through merchant or consumer’s portals
Date, time, amount, place is reported as standard feature for every transaction
Since system is privately owned costs are much smaller thus savings are passed onto merchants so their costs are 3-4 times smaller than when dealing with credit card companies
Modern POS terminals are used for in-store transactions
Merchant himself decides about discounts and can easily create gold members to reward good customers for extra spending


Very important: every store has equal chance to get eBankONE card holder to come in and spend points or money in their store!

It is like dropping coins into the piggy bank!

Smart Card ePurse is one time investment which will pay itself and pays dividends for a long time to come. Simple to setup and use can be used as standalone package.
Advanced versions could be customized to specific needs.
With smart card it is easy to load points (which translates to money) at any time. Let customer spend it at his own pace going and coming back for more.
You can issue cards to unlimited number of people. Plastic graphically enhanced smart cards are assumed to be more valuable to customers then cardboard coupons or low value cards.
In Europe and around the world ePurse concept is widely spread. USA and Canada are still lagging the World in overall smart card implementation. Here, we are not suggesting that we will build complete cashless society but we are suggesting that you could do it in your: store, restaurant, service shop, gift shop, library, bar, University, gym, health club, gaming establishment, coffee shop, book store, car garage, name it.
Cards are attractively printed in color. They can also be custom printed using your artwork advertising your business and carrying your message. At the same time cards are protected against tampering, they can't be copied or counterfeited in any way.
Cards can be re-used again and again. They are issued and updated in secure environment. Also, business owners who don't like PC or it is impractical to handle card at the spot can have ePurse solution in the pocket! This wonderful completely portable terminal will enable you to handle loyalty smart cards at any moment and any place. Also you can sell or give away small pocket sized Balance Readers so your best customers can always see how many points they have available.


Yes and no. For many banks and credit card companies it is definitely truth! Branches look like golden palaces loaded with computers and people who really may and may not be essential for bank’s operations. That is exactly why consumers pay exorbitant fees to them! There are also low interest rates and loads of every kind of fees squeezing out every dollar and cent from card holder.

On other hand there are many smaller and bigger banks that are not brick and mortar locations! They do not exist on the map. Now we are talking about serious savings! That is a kind of bank we want. Is that for real? You bet it is!

ING Canada does not have brick and mortar branches! Everything is done on ATMs.

Ally Bank Canada is complete on-line bank and also does not have brick and mortar branches
Tangerine bank Canada is also complete on-line banking solution

HOW TO BUY eBankONE Independent Banking System ?

System can be purchased in several ways:

> Buy system software package (license). No hardware is included in this package
> Buy eBankONE as branded package with 10000 cards, 100 POS terminals, full system software, payment gateway, HSM box, WEB integration server
> Buy source code for hand picked modules and features with 1 year support

Add more hardware at any time:

> Smart cards
> Smart card readers
> POS terminals
> Ready to go ATM machines

For serious enquries only contact:

T: 1-905-469-0855 ext. 1



Smart carrds production

Did you ever see how smart cards are produced? Advanced technology and machinery is required. Watch smart card manufacturing here: