Efficient smart card applications and smart card software development., in joint venture with Almex SmartCard Solutions as hardware vendor

The main barrier for smart card applications is lack of  easy to use smart card programming software.

You have two choices:

  • Develop your own smart card application
  • Order custom made card applications from SCCS Ltd.


First and foremost: THE SKY IS THE LIMIT!


You have a great idea for a Smart card implementation but you don't know where to start? You probably already know that the greatest ideas are in essence very simple. So don't hesitate to develop your own "Simple Idea".

One of the biggest obstacles in smart cards is the lack of software. Smart cards are encrypted and special kind of programs are used to run smart cards and smart card systems. Software engineers specialized in smart card applications don't come by cheap and easy.

However, we do have a solution for you! Expert smart card programming software engineers ready to take on your projects or parts of the projects. It can be something on a small scale or big. We have the expertise for both. If you have ideas, we have the hardware and software to support those ideas!

Basic Cards, JAVA cards, other types of smart cards, hand held terminals, complete software/hardware solutions based on custom programmed smart cards. Field proven applications, multiple smart card programming resources, flexible smart cards hardware that can be custom programmed to meet your needs.


SMART CARDS - where to use them?


You can use smart cards for almost any application where you would use any kind of regular paper card, coupon, plastic card, paying card, as portable secure document, ID, money...many more. Here is a short list to kick start your mind:

  • ID card
  • Student card - multiple uses
  • Driver's license
  • ePurse - replace money with electronic money
  • Loyalty card - collect valuable points, join forces with different vendors
  • Health card - load patient history, emergency data, insurance data...more
  • Safe PC access - Log on
  • Biometric data - secure access to resources
  • Control machinery
  • Time card - log-in and out
  • Digital signature card
  • Bus, train - mass transportation, fast, easy pay


What do you need to start a successful SMART CARD project?


Before writing or calling Smart Chip card Solutions Ltd. you have to do your homework and have a plan. As strange as it sounds, many potential customers contact us without having a clear idea of what they want their smart cards to do for them. It doesn't have to be a Power Point presentation or flow chart but rather transactions aligned in logical order describing real life situation as you want them to develop.

The description of the project you want to undertake should have answers (but not limited to) to the following questions:



  • Will the card store data (information) or value like monetary value, or both?
  • Try to estimate how much data you need to store in the card? Is it few hundred bytes, kilobytes or tens of kb?
  • Will that card serve one purpose or will it be a multipurpose card with more functionalities?
  • How many cards do you require?
  • How many cards do you think system will have after full deployment?
  • Is a contact smart card what you are looking for or contact-less card? Maybe dual interface (both contact and contact-less)?
  • Do you require cards to be printed for you? Front, back, black, color, laminated?
  • Do you have artwork ready?


  • What kind of readers does your project require? PC connected, stand alone terminals, POS or something different?
  • How many readers do you need?
  • Is there a need to enter a PIN when using smart cards with the readers?
  • Will the readers communicate with a central server and send data there?
  • What kind of communications infrastructure do you have available?



  • If PCs are involved they should be oriented to run Windows 8, 8.1 and 10 since other versions are gone
  • What exactly are the smart cards suppose to do for you?
  • Will the system require an MDB (Main Database)?
  • How many issuing PC stations  do you need for your project?
  • How many update/re-loading stations do you require?
  • If a value is involved, what is the maximum value that you would want to write into smart cards?
  • Will the card need a PIN? 4, 6 digits?
  • Did you clearly define authority levels in your application? Who will be able to do what?
  • What kind of environment will the system be used in? Office, retail, outdoors, vehicles, portable ...?
  • Will your system be released as a one-time deployment or in phases?
  • Do you need some kind of transaction log written in the cards?

Remember, the more detailed your requirements, the easier and more precise the quote will be!


What we at Smart Chip Card Solutions will try our best to do!


  • Use log time experience and suggest better ways to save money on configuration and suggest better fitting equipment
  • Understand customer's needs
  • Use brand name, quality hardware only, covered with a good Warranty, from proven manufacturers, verified in real applications
  • Write software from scratch and not use copyrighted or copied code
  • Write software that is flexible and can be upgraded in future
  • Adhere to good business practices and standards of conduct
  • Send quotes quickly and efficiently
  • Actually make ourselves available so we can be reached over the phone, email or Skype
  • Give customers options to choose from
  • Be there for customer when in need whether it is just a quick answer, suggestion, or a solution to a rising problem
  • Suggest improvements over "bare bones" project requirements
  • Make software that is locked or limited by expensive and complicated licensing
  • Build back doors or options to disable or limit software usage remotely
  • Watch and protect customer's investment as it is our own money
  • Protect customer's privacy, business secrets, ideas, and never get involved with their own customers
  • Use best encryption techniques suitable for specific application
  • We will warn customer if desired configuration does not ensure satisfactory level of security
  • We will warn customer if project is not feasible to do due to hidden or unforeseen costs
  • Last but not least: we use only professional programmers!


What we will not do!

  • Break into someone else's system or encryption
  • Dump outdated, second grade equipment onto customer
  • Use end of the line products
  • Sell used equipment
  • Use counterfeit, substandard, under performing or exotic chip cards
  • Use encryption not suitable for application without explicit request by customer
  • Go to bids, bid against dealer or re-seller based on our own solution
  • Undercut cost and lose money just to get a project
  • Steal code, copy code, use copyrighted solutions found from other manufacturers and software producers
  • Compromise software security thus risking future of the system
  • Demand contracts for support
  • Overcharge support or further updates
  • Hold customer hostage to supplies coming from SCCS only (some exceptions, system demanding dependent)




Smart card projects are not always simple and never easy. However, the rewards are usually great even if there is no profit factor involved. A good example is supporting the World Health Card project that does not produce millions in profits even though the cards will be used by millions of people.

Last advice: when looking for a supplier for your next smart card project take a look at the bidders from all angles. The true system cost is not necessarily obvious and is not the result of the lowest bidder! A potential customer may get caught in "lowest price" notion by "fly by night" companies that will not stand the test of time and be there in 6 months or 2 years to support the system.

What good will a low cost smart card system do, if it has underrated encryption, bad hardware, expensive cards or cards that are cheap but substandard? A system operator stands to lose potentially a lot of money running a system like that! Don't be one of those!







Yes, why not? EBankOne is a privately owned cashless small payment system. We say "small" conditionally. It could be also used as micro or small bank. System is built in that way so there is really:

• No limitation on number of cards
• No limitation on number of users in the system
• No limitation on minimum or maximum amount transaction. It is self regulated feature
• EBankOne name can be re-branded and customized to customer's liking

Fees? What fees? Since there is no connection whatsoever to existing Visa, Master, American Express or any other payment system there is no fees to be paid to third parties. Actually software allows operator of the system to adjust fees internally as needed. They can always be kept very low and very competitive. Operator completely controls backend office software. Promotion runs are easily implemented or revoked in a few minutes.
The time to be a hostage to large banks or credit card companies is over for good!


You bet it does!

• eBankOne is a ePurse payment card
• eBankOne is a debit card
• eBankOne is a loyalty card
• eBankOne acts as advanced credit card
• It looks and feels as regular bank / credit card
• It is protected with PIN as a regular bank card
• Transactions are recorded with great precision and scrutiny as a bank card are
• Cards are used with banks PCs and POS terminals
• Smart cards used are really high end banking cards manufactured by NXP, Germany
• EBankOne chip cards are protected to highest bank or better standards and encryption
• EBankOne cards use are supported by modern ATMs
• EBankOne backend software allows complete control and audit over all transactions
• Merchant's and consumer's transactions are completely transparent and visible at the click of the mouse


Smart card application development

smart card applications above can be modified to your needs.
Software can be custom made.

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