ID Card System with biometric verification
ID Card System with biometric verification

ID card system - ID card with biometric verification

Can you tell friend from foe? WE can!

Upon special request from African country we created PoliceID-ONE ID card system for Police or Military. What is it all about?

Today we live in very dangerous world. People and various Government agencies are facing constant threat of crime and terrorism where later one is especially devastating. There is a credible threat that terrorists could infiltrate police or military ranks in order to create havoc on the ground. Getting police uniform and badge or military uniform is not far fetched possibility. Terrorist's methods change to new levels of real threats. We received request from at least one police service entity to create a foolproof system to control identity of police personnel. Same application could be incredibly useful for military operations.

Card can positively identify police officer or soldier to supervising authorities when needed. Card has personal data, PIN, color picture and biometric token. Everything is encrypted and nothing exposed on face of the card! Checks are possible at any time, anywhere. Not only at the entrance of police station, Government buildings, Embassies, high value Government agencies, army barracks, army headquarters but checks are possible literally anywhere.

Police services in countries where terrorism is rampant or even originates from would be the biggest beneficiaries of PoliceID-ONE . They would want to clean up their own ranks first in order to have confidence into each police serviceman or service woman. Every army checkpoint, installation, storage or military building may be visited daily buy tens or hundreds of people in uniform. As checking devices we offer tablet computers or rugged hand held devices. System works with no communication connection to any DB. However if PoliceID-ONE terminal is equipped with GSM / GPRS / LTE terminal it can perform additional features:

  • Send wide area announcements, like wanted persons, instant warnings
  • Send instant message to specific unit or all units on the ground
  • Every unit can do the same, send message to all or specific unit number
  • Warn about crime happened at that moment and that could affect other units

After ID card system is established and used it could be expanded to do more. Same police officers could in turn check driver's or population ID's using similar terminals. We already have SmartID-ONE and eHealthONE systems that could serve as national ID cards. Electronic driver's license is part of those systems already. No need for additional expense.

For security reasons Smart Chip Card Solutions can't present any more technical details about this ID card system. More information will be provided on special direct request only.  


Smart cards production

Did you ever see how smart cards are produced? Advanced technology and machinery is required. Watch smart card manufacturing here: