Time and Attendance smart application
Contactless smart cards and rugged handheld computers are used to records time and attendance in field applications


Time & Attendance Smart System

We at SCCS recognized early need for portable, secure time and attendance system. It applies to many activities that require controlled access to geographical locations or sites of special importance. For example, it could be access to cargo or cruise ship moored in the port for repairs or regular loading / unloading operations. Remote or large site like airport or mining operation also requires tight access control.
Our Time & Attendance system comes to play where standard access control using fixed readers don't exist, installation is not possible, too expensive or simply impractical. SCCS solution is completely portable and can be deployed in the matter of minutes any time, anywhere. In case of multiple sites or locations in different countries and even Continents it could be shipped out and used as plug and play solution out of the box!

That is specially important for companies that have dispersed operations like mines, oil fields or platforms. Operators that have a moving properties like vessels criss-crossing the world oceans or important sites  that simply happen in random and not in really desirable fashion. It could be area of natural disaster (flood, earthquake, tsunami), police investigation site (crime site, bus crash), accident like fire or airplane disaster and many more. Some locations simply must have that kind of access control. Nuclear sites, dump areas, open or in ground mines.

For those activities it is actually very important to know at all times who is present at the location! So we built eTimeONE into the rugged portable computers we are using. Not only that but in the end of the day, if accident happens or simply after working day is over with press of the button it is possible to see who is still there. Rescue effort or simple search could be launched to find person(s) that might be in distress. Construction site or presence of heavy machinery make possibility for accidents and usage of our system.

SCCS uses top quality, Made in Canada Psion rugged handhelds for T&A application. We call it eTimeONE.
Only devices like that will survive harsh and unforgiving environment they might be subjected to.

Remember, eTime !