Cloud Based Smart Price List

Every business or company that sells something has a need for a price list. One could say that pricing is something trivial, easy thing to handle.  

Nothing could be farther from truth! Price list IS a big deal and it may very well be the most important document that company posses! In real life price list is often handled by single person and details of price policies are always company's trade secrets. Price list can make or break company if not handled wisely. The company must control price list in responsible ways and protect it at all costs in order to be competitive and successful on the market.

Specially companies with branches and presence in different states or International sales locations are in need of central price list that is precise and flexible. Above all it has to be available to sales force 24/7. Those requirements immediately trump out printed PDF price lists, XLS price lists, price lists distributed on memory sticks or ones e-mailed around. When building a quote or creating a Purchase Order estimator has to search through price lists until proper part is found. It is slow and cumbersome process. Often salesman will make error when looking into different price levels. Those are costly mistakes! Difference between actual cost, list sales price and dealer's price pertain to just a right column on the paper or spreadsheet but that small location misrepresentation means lost profit and embarrassment after customer finds out real part cost! We know because in last 27 years of running re-sale business it happened to us more than we care to remember.


We recognized all those shortcomings and created price list that solves all of above mentioned problems. It is in the Cloud and it's offered as SaaS solutions (Software as a Service). We call solution PriceListONE. PriceListONE is offered on subscription bases. It is a DB with framework that allows multiple persons to build and manage the price list data base using easy to use screen interface.

Access to this utility is controlled and there are several levels of access control:

  • Superadmin - is top owner of the PriceListONE, creates administrator accounts
  • Administrator - is in control over the price list structure, creates and maintains price list, controls price list policies, creates sales, dealers and customer accounts
  • Sales - person or persons are using PriceListONE for every day sales activities, can create Invoices or Quotes
  • Dealer - can access price list, search for products and see prices assigned to dealers only
  • Customer - can access price list, search for products and see retail pricing only

Everybody using it has different rights and capabilities when viewing the PriceListONE. PriceListONE has many features and benefits. First of all there are actually no price list software packages on the market. It is usually part of accounting package but not very flexible and useful to sales effort. Price list software has to be custom made and that is expensive and time consuming adventure. We created PriceListONE to be as universal as possible and remove need of ordering custom price list software.


  • After account creation PriceListONE can be used instantly
  • It is in the Cloud so it is available 24/7
  • It is accessed by standard Internet browser so it is OS and platform independent
  • Ideal for sales persons on the move to see pricing from their laptops, tablets or smart phones
  • Access is strictly controlled by administrator
  • There is no limits how many sales people, dealers or customers can be created to grant access to PriceListONE
  • For customers with highest security demands we have available smart card or smart card + biometrics access control
  • Server used is high speed secure server centrally located in Western Europe
  • DB is built on Microsoft MSSQL engine, controlled and maintained by our technicians
  • Customer controls his own settings, imports price list items using XLS import utility or creates price list by manual entries
  • Software is recording a log event every time somebody logs into the price list 


  • Up to 3 currencies, perfect for international sales
  • Global settings for exchange rates 
  • Multicolor profit indicators, clearly show net profit for each part
  • Price calculation based on several factors
  • Dealer and end user price levels
  • Cost breakdowns based on quantities, create unlimited parts discount groups and assign unlimited quantity breakdown discounts 
  • Quick Invoice / Quote creator
  • Make dealer's life easier with separate Invoicing and Purchase Order facility they could use to their advantage and everybody's benefit 
  • Easy parts editing
  • PriceListONE creates PDF Invoice / Quote that is e-mailed out sporting company's brand, logo and message to buyers
  • Set own company logo
  • Connect with customers on new level. Let them see price list at their own convenience
  • By reviewing a log find out about your most active sales people and moreover customers. Those ones who log in a lot will buy much more and they deserve extra attention


It is proven that PriceListONE saves company time, money and trouble. Sales people quickly become more productive. Sales people on the road absolutely love it since they can use any device and get instant answers. Regardless if company has few hundred or thousands of product, PriceListONE is fast and efficient way to get right information at time of need! 

PriceListONE is charged monthly:

  • $14.95 for Superadmin
  • $9.95 for every Administrator account
  • $4.95 per every sales person

Up to 10000 parts. 3 Months minimum.

Take it for free unlimited test ride!



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