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Smart card is a small technological wonder! By now everybody understands that chip card is ideal for many useful applications. Banking, transportation, health care, ID ... you name it, smart card can do it! So from time to time we receive a logical question: "Why there is no card that can do it all? So instead of having 3 or 5 or more cards in the wallet why not replace them all with one single card?". That is a fair question and not entirely new idea. Some (very few though) nations in the world actually listened voices of the people. They developed their very own citizen's card with multitude of useful applications.

We at Smart Chip Card Solutions Ltd. took same challenge personally. After much planning and brain storming we came up with own card that we call CitizenONE. CitizenONE is smart citizen's card. Primary function is to be an National ID card. Yet quick view at features list reveals that it actually represents universal citizen's card. CitizenONE is bursting with functionalities. At this time it has at least 21 different applications and uses right out of the box. That number may grow in future and really depends on ultimate buyer what this card will be used for.



  1. CitizenONE is advanced ID card
  2. CitizenONE is personal medical card
  3. CitizenONE carries digital prescriptions - pharmacy card
  4. It is advanced driver's license
  5. It has advanced vehicle license built-in
  6. CitizenONE is advanced insurance card for personal health, vehicles, home
  7. It is hospital management billing and payment card
  8. CitizenONE could be used as and universal Government card used by any Government in the world
  9. It is visas - immigration - refugee card for temporary or permanent use
  10. CitizenONE is natural disaster registration card
  11. CitizenONE is social insurance / refugee help dispensing card
  12. CitizenONE is National ID card
  13. It contains 4+1 electronic ePurses in every card
  14. It can be Military ID card
  15. Student ID card
  16. eBankONE card with our micro banking solutions 
  17. CitizenONE is universal citizen's voting card that never expires
  18. Tax payment card
  19. Smart ticket, universal virtual transportation payment card, any train, bus, airplane, ferry
  20. Proof of identity when logging into home computer
  21. Advanced digital signature facility built into every card enabling card holder to digitally sign important document and get verified in seconds 



CitizenONE uses 21st century technologies for overall system. It is also a multinational effort. We selected leading edge companies as a hardware suppliers. Actual smart cards are 72 k custom chip cards Made in Germany. The fact is that Germans and French invented a chip cards in the first place! It is first place to go to find best smart chips in the world. Than there is a France, USA and Canada as a hardware suppliers.

CitizenONE software is build by several companies with programmers located in different parts of the world. Those groups of programmers work on different pieces of the system. Nobody except Smart Chip Card Solutions employees can see a complete solution. We adopted process like that for security and practical reasons.

IMPORTANT: CitizenONE uses surprisingly low amount of Internet connectivity. That would make CitizenONE perfect for developing countries with no extensive communications infra structure in place! If high speed communications exists that's nice. But even without it card holder with CitizenONE will still enjoy tremendous benefits.



After a short debate we decided that CitizenONE will not use PKI (Public Key Infrastructure). PKI is kind of standard that every other smart card software company would go with. SCCS is not standard smart card software company. We have our own solutions. Sure using PKI there are advantages with system like that but there are also big problems:

  • PKI works in situations with reliable, secure communications network only! It does NOT work at all in places where that kind of infra structure does not exist
  • PKI requires a large, secure data center called CA (Central Authority) and more physical and software modules to work
  • Data nodes must be on-line 24/7 or system will not work at all
  • It also requires specialized technicians working with cryptography and data bases
  • PKI by design costs a lot of money and it costs even more to maintain it. It also creates great dependence on system creator

We rather opted to use different ways to ensure system security and easy to use. Our system can use communications but doesn't have to. It will still work fine in the middle of nowhere.   



Consider this; every of the above mentioned features could be card with dedicated application by itself. And every item is not only useful feature but it is rather a system. Card is leading device but there is a back office software that makes it fully functional. It is diversified in number of various things one could do with it and card brings everything together.

If each of the features was selected separately, cards and back end software built to support it we would end up with at least 20 different smart cards! Price for each system added up to single bill would be quite high. Back end software modules would make nightmare to maintain. Diversified data centers built to support each of the functionalities would make total cost astronomical to bear. 

So answer to question above is quite easy. For all economical and practical reasons CitizenONE as an integrated system beats choice of cherry picked solutions every step of the way.



This product is suitable for a country, any country. This is not for small entities. Really any country could use it. Small or big it doesn't matter. System is completely scalable. There are no limits in software how many cards system could have or how many locations processing this cards can be used. Every person and every entity listed above will enjoy benefits of CitizenONE. System could be started up very quickly within 30 - 60 days and fully implemented in reasonable amount of time.

CitizenONE concept saves tremendous time, money, infra structure and resources. It speeds up every action, service and undertaking. It would benefit everyone!

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Smart cards production

Secrets securely stroed in microprocessor chips

Did you ever see how smart cards are produced? Advanced technology and machinery is required. We have capacity to manufacture hundreds of thousands of cards per month in local facility.

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