Smart ticketing system for ferry, bus, taxi or train!


Smart ticketing system for bus, ferry, taxi or train

eTicketONE is integrated smart card payment system for:

  • Bus
  • Ferry
  • Taxi
  • Train, light train

Nobody has it so we at SCCS decided to make it happen. Package is affordable to every operator doesn't matter how big or small they may be. System is based on ePurseONE that can be checked out and purchased on our other page. Any Windows 7, 8, 8.1 or 10 can be used as validator. For all practical reasons it could be mini PC or tablet PC. Tablet PC costs many hundreds of dollars less per unit compared to fixed smart card in-bus validators.

eTicketONE has only 3 parts:

  • eTicketONE software loaded into Windows device like tablet PC
  • Contactless/NFC smart card reader connected to USB port
  • Contactless smart cards matching the system coding

Small Smart Ticket System - bursting with features

Every bus, ferry, taxi or train operator could use it!

This is example of simple smart ticketing system that any business could use. Instead of paying by cash customer shall use smart eTicketONE card loaded with electronic money. Operators based on cash are open to all kinds of losses, internal theft, slow passenger's flows and more.

There are numerous advantages to the mass transportation operator:

  • First of all this is integrated low cost solution. It is works for taxi owners, bus operators, ferry operators and train/light train operators
  • Smart ticket is contactless, very easy to use
  • Same card could be used across all modes of transportation belonging to same company or group of companies
  • Same card could also be used in retail store or stores as integrated mode of payment 
  • Every business owner's dream is customer that keep coming back and buy more products or services forever! eTicketONE cardholders shall always come back for more rides
  • Children could be given cards instead of cash for ride
  • Mentally it is always easier to pay by card instead of cash
  • Purchasing transactions are much faster
  • Since there is no cash with driver or conductor he will never be a target of robbery or hold up 
  • Very safe for operators working during night or in dangerous areas 
  • Sales people will not be handling cash, no internal theft
  • Completely portable - sales can be done anywhere, on the beach, on the street, while traveling on ferry, train, at sea, literally any time, anywhere
  • No Internet or network required
  • Operator owns equipment
  • No equipment rentals to be paid to the bank or payment providers
  • No credit card companies stringent sign up requirements, EVERY business is eligible!
  • More importantly: EVERY customer is eligible!
  • No deductions from payments as they exist for credit card processing. Save at least 3% - 3.5% on Visa, Master, Amex charges
  • In Africa save at least  6% - 11% on Mobile Pay system charges
  • And very important - business owner gets money in advance! Much earlier than goods or services are rendered
Create new smart ticket in 20-30 seconds, use it for life!

System features

Surprisingly many system features available

Dual currency! That is one of the most prominent features available in every eTicketONE package. Transportation companies are struggling to support dual currencies. Actually current non of the existing AFC (Automatic Fare Collection) systems supports something like dual currency. Problem? Not any more! In eTicketONE it is a breeze to use it. Caribbean, Africa, Central America ... any tourist place could benefit from it. While there is nothing wrong with domestic currency like Pesos, Schillings, Eastern Caribbean Dollars (ECD), Yuans ... why not capture USD brought in by tourists?

  • Operator controls exchange rate for alternate currency. Make it favorable to profit margin
  • Card could be anonymous or personalized with name
  • Card supports e-mail feature so electronic receipt could be sent out
  • System supports non mandatory 4 digit PIN
  • Not only that but customer decides cost level at which system will ask for PIN to confirm transaction
  • Simple rewards points is included, no need to buy it or run it separately. Have customers coming back forever!
  • Quick rates using single button supported
  • Unlimited number of cards supported
  • Works fine with low cost Windows tablets 
  • Unlimited number of bus - taxi - ferry - trains PCs supported
  • Unlimited number of vehicles supported
  • Unlimited number of charge items supported
  • Unlimited system users
  • Contactless cards support quick transactions. Very easy and simple to use for card holder, a child can do it
  • Cards are locked to specific operator. System does not allow errors or interference from other stores or operators
  • Driver can see card balance as soon as smart ticket is presented to the reader
  • 4 levels of system users, operator controls authority levels
  • Operator controls electronic money available for customer's card top-up
  • Simplified but useful reporting with date ranges
  • Many more ... see below
Different chraging modes available

Bus ticketing specific features

Bus operators have many settings they can use or not. They are all included in basic package anyway:

  • If tablet is GSM/GPRS equipped driver can see system wide announcements
  • Charge by expiry day
  • Charge by number of rides purchased
  • Create routes
  • Create pricing between various bus stops
  • Flat fee easy charging
  • Driver of conductor has ability to charge exact amount from drop down stop list
  • Easy to create discount groups or payment groups
  • Single smart ticket can pay for several persons


Just select "Ferry" and eTicketONE is ready

Ferry ticketing specific features

Besides all other challenges ferry operators face increased regulations imposed by Ministry of Transportation or Port Authority demanding ferry management to produce accurate passenger's lists! Also strict regulations limit number of vehilces and passengers where for safety reasons ferry is approved to maximum limits that can not be exceeded. eTicketONE has all features of bus ticketing listed above plus:

  • Solved in eTicketONE! Every smart ticket is personalized by passenger's name and last name, optional e-mail
  • When boarding starts software starts creating a list automatically. After ferry is ready to go list can be e-mailed to any address required before commencing a trip
  • Easy to create ferry loading limits. System watches the numbers and warnes sailor handling boarding on time to prevent overloading
  • Easy to create ferry routes and rates
Add standard routes in minutes

Taxi specific features

Taxi operators have much less demanding operations than bus and ferry companies described above. Still they can:

  • Create most common routes, like "Downtown - Airport"
  • Include discounts for students or retired or handicapped
  • Easy charge in dual currency
  • E-mail receipt to passenger if tablet or mini PC has SIM card
General settings with various data selections

Train specific features

Biggest challenge for train or light train operators is accurate pricing structure.

  • Elegantly solved in eTicketONE, even basic version has it. Route train stops with proper costs between the stops
  • Charge correct ticket price by 2-3 taps on the tablet screen
  • Charge flat fee when convenient and situation required
eTicketONE comes as a package and works out of the box

Is eTicketONE really easy?

How it works?

It is very easy to use eTicketONE starter package. If it was purchased with optional mini Mini PC it comes with software loaded. It is standard, fully functional PC with Windows 10. Needs mouse, keyboard and monitor. May be purchased as a software loaded onto USB stick or also pre-loaded into Windows tablet computer. Cards work right out of the box. As soon as new card is placed on the reader software opens the screen with ready to log-in prompt:

 Driver or conductor logs in using credentials created. eTicketONE recognizes 4 different users in the system:

  1. Owner - operator, as admin he can do everything in the system and create other users
  2. Sales person
  3. Sales person who can top up customer's cards
  4. Sales person who can top up customer's cards and issue new card

Settings menu reveals several options like:

  1. General settings
  2. Edit menu buttons
  3. Sales report
  4. Top-up report
  5. Top-up balance
  6. Withdraw money
  7. Manage user access
  8. Security settings

General settings allows the following:

Allows setting of base currency to be used in the store and also alternate currency. There is exchange rate box setting where operator can setup desired exchange rate. This is very useful for places that regularly serve customers in two currencies. For example Caribbean with ECD (Eastern Caribbean Dollars) and USD (United Sates Dollars). When card is created it will immediately be set to work with 2 currencies as shown above.

There are various other settings like: e-mail address for passenger's list reporting (ferry!), global company's WEB page, discount and rates settings, ferry fleet list with load limits.

It is very easy to create new card. Just place card out of the box on top of the reader and enter a few fields. Card can be personalized with name but that is optional. For security reasons card can not be edited after it was created:

PIN is optional with a twist: customer controls at which amount system should ask for PIN. That makes small payments for: fast food, newspapers, sandwich in the school fast and practical. Makes card more secure and could be given to a minor if needed. See screen shot above. There are also more settings specifically used in bus or on ferry.

eTicketONE has built-in practical and simple shopping cart POS (Point of Sale) kind of menu system. Driver or conductor can easily add new items to the list as shown in the following example:


There is also menu where operator can create several routes and give them practical names:

System also has built-in rewards points that are written in every card and transaction automatically:

Established customers will keep coming back in order to earn and redeem points for something like free ride. More person uses that transport, more he can save. Perfect situatrion for both operator and passenger. Operator defines a redeem values. For example free ride on ferry for every 10.00 (any currency) spent.

When card needs top-up it is done securely and efficiently from the following utility:

As it is visible from screen above, system tracks how much money is available for top up and how much money was topped up. That prevents internal theft. Only operatorcan make top-up amount available.

eTicketONE has basic reporting built-in:

Using date range settings it is possible to review sales and top-up activity for selected dates. Reports are available to store owner only. Manual that comes with software explains everything in greater detail. We believe that system is simple, secure and efficient. In fast moving environment manual will not be needed. Few clicks or keystrokes is all that is needed to complete sale!

Demo movie will be coming soon.

Weight: g
eTicketONE bus, ferry, taxi, train payment solution


eTicketONE integrated software
Software works on any Windows PC with version 7, 8, 8.1 and 10. It is small file and it comes on memory stick or as an download. Every copy has customized security keys. Cards to be ordered in future shall have matching security keys. 
Weight: g
Contactless smart ticket, pre-printed with operator's artwork


Smart ticket
Secure, contactless smart card printed on both sides. Comes with default artwork or can be printed with any artwork store owner sends in. Personalize card, advertise your store, have customers coming back! Minimum order 100 cards
Weight: g


OmniKey smart card reader
HID OmniKey contactless smart card reader. It is actually dual interface reader and can process contact chip cards as well. USB interface
Weight: g
Complete payment kit with 1000 cards and mini PC


Smart ticket kit

eTicketONE system kit. Software comes pre-loaded and tested on mini PC. Comes complete with:

  • Mini PC, could be Asus, Intel, HP or Samsung
  • 5421 contactless USB reader x 1
  • eTicketONE cards with custom artwork x 1000

 Mini PC comes with universal 110-220 AC power supply based on Windows 10 OS. Monitor, mouse and keyboard must be procured locally.

Weight: g
Complete kit with tablet and 1000 pre-printed cards


Smart ticket kit

ePurseONE system kit. Software comes pre-loaded and tested on tablet PC. Comes complete with:

  • Tablet PC, 10.1"
  • 5421 contactless USB reader x 1
  • eTicketONE cards with custom artwork x 1000

 Tablet comes with universal 110-220 AC power supply, based on Windows 10 OS.