Supporting your future or current smart card projects!

Your smart card project may be in any of the following phases:

  • Idea - you have that brilliant idea about the smart card system you want to make happen
  • Proposal - this is past idea phase and now you need to present actual proposal to potential buyer
  • Development - project is under way and you need to solve some technical or logistics problems
  • Equipment - project is defined but proper equipment is needed or one envisioned simply doesn't cut it
  • Engineering - your greatest idea needs work, something like architect making plans for new house
  • Consulting - pure consulting where you are overwhelmed with interaction with end buyer
  • Implementation - new system implementation on servers, DBs, Cloud access, configurations
  • Tech support - supporting after implementation

We can help! Buy support tickets below and we will engage and help. You can pay by any credit card, PayPal, Western Union or Bitcoin. Some tickets require more than one unit so ask how many to pay before doing it!

IMPORTANT: if our consulting effort or quote results in actual order that follows within 90 days from the day of support we will refund part or whole ticket payment.


Consulting support

1 hour of support by our engineer, sales specialist, programmer lead or DB specialist. This ticket could be used for any of tasks listed above.

Result may be file, written text like proposal (e-mail), chat or Skype chat or video conference.

Technical support

1 hour support by our programmer, DB specialist, C# or other programmer.

Result may be file, written text, chat, Skype chat or video conference or Team Viewer remote session.

Project support

If larger smart card project is undertaken and needs consluting to find the best solutions and ways how to complete it this would be pefect choice.

It may combine effort of several specialists.

On-site service

This is most valuable service we can provide and includes programmer, PC technician, DB specialist that will travel to your installtion site and help to complete a project. Amount denotes one person's time of 8 working hours. If more than one technician is needed than multiple units of this ticket have to be paid.

Travel costs and living costs are separate from this ticket.