Encrypted messaging for everybody

In today's world one can't trust nobody and anything. Everybody is getting spied on and that gets to people's nerves. Notion that somebody is reading your personal e-mails is upsetting enough. What about business messages, e-mails and correspondence that may mean lost revenue, confidence, projects and nice old keeping business secrets private? Big brother is reading your mail. What will you do about it?



MessengerX is solution!

We created simple messenger that works under Windows where Windows 10 is arguably the biggest spy software ever created. It wasn't free for a year for nothing, so be aware!

Everything important happens in single window like this:


Settings and tools

There are only few settings to be used:


> First one it to set personal PIN or password to open the MessengerX. It can be anything but avoid "123456" or "Mydog" and similar easy to guess passwords.

> Secondly there is encryption password to be entered. Can have special characters and combinations or lower/upper case, numbers. Standard complications. This password will be used to encrypt whatever you write. Same password must be used on other end where recipient will enter it as you tell it on the phone, SMS or some other way just not open text e-mail.

> There is a file location. You can browse hard drive and select message location. Remember, it will be saved there but encrypted. The other party must select same location. That means if messaging is used within same network it has to be common location all parties involved can access. In our example we selected shared Dropbox folder. By nature and flexibility of Dropbox communicating parties may be anywhere in the world and access same file through MessengerX. If message is encrypted, copied and sent over regular e-mail this part is not applicable. Still you need folder on your hard drive where your messages will be stored.  

Formatting tools

While plain black text is fine we wanted to enhance it and make nicer so there are some formatting tools:

Also there are copy and paste icons and print icon. Under All files you fill find a list of all encrypted files in same folder. Below that give new message you are working on some name (no extensions needed) and press Encrypt & Save. If you are using shared folder or something like dropbox that is all what is needed.

Writing and encrypting a message

Simply write or drop text in white area of the MessengerX

When done press Encrypt & Save. Press bar at the bottom of the MessengerX

Does it look messed up or what? Yes, it sure does. This is your innocent text being encrypted by AES 256 cryptography. Remember that special password from Settings? That is result of that passkey being used for encryption. No secret passkey, good luck decrypting this message :)

Again, if your intended correspondent is using shared folder you are done. Encrypted message is there for him/her to read. If not, simply copy this text, paste it into regular, unsecured mail and mail it to other party. They will have fun with it. Within seconds recipient will copy message into this window, press Decrypt and read it.

What is next for MessengerX?

First of all you will want to immediately order it. Few dollars you will pay for MessengerX is very tiny price to pay for having your private messages private!

  • You can use MessengerX in business and write to one, few or hundreds of people using all same procedure
  • Depending on interest we get we will introduce corporate version of same
  • We may further enhance it to be an instant messenger. If using dropbox or other shared box now messages are delayed by few seconds 
  • Finally we will introduce contactless smart card to the fray. It will be pre-formatted with encryption keys built-in and every party involved will have to have it in order to read and write messages. It will be top notch practical security at work


Secure messaging for everyone! Small and simple to use. Order MessengerX now. Use single copy on multiple PCs.

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