Smart Card ID

You already know smart chip cards for door access, credit card or loyalty card, but there is much much more. Simple examples are: Health Card, Electronic Driver's License, Insurance Card or Electronic Purse. When we add multilevel access management, biometric identification, server and database log-on, encryption and decryption of messages, real-time updates of cards and usage of mobile message carrier you get the most advanced and secure application. With one card you can even control thousands of other cards.

Student ID

Student ID card, university, college, library ... ID + discounts + even small ePurse for campus restaurants and services.

Insurance ID

InsuranceONE system like this could save insurance companies a lot of money. Cards actively fight insurance fraud and prevent it on many levels.

- Validates card holder's identity (biometric)
- Checks live coverage plan
- Checks for restrictions imposed on account
- Can be activated and de-activated for non payment or expiry purposes in real time
- Enables doctor to create electronic claim in less than minute and get paid quickly
- Controls claim process
- Prevents medical errors

This is the ultimate Insurance Card plus Insurance management software!  


Driver's license + vehicle permit

SmartID-ONE saves money on insurance as well ! Days of driving with no insurance are over. That information could be loaded into driver's or vehicle smart license card and changed upon regular payment made to insurance company. Again, easy to check information. No extra papers to be mailed and carried around.

Police, Military and Government

Card can positively identify police officer or soldier to supervising authorities when needed. Card has personal data, PIN, color picture and biometric token. Everything is encrypted and nothing exposed on face of the card !

- Multilevel access management
- Send wide area announcements, like wanted persons, instant warnings
- Send instant message to specific unit or all units on the ground
- Every unit can do the same, send message to all or specific unit number
- Warn about crime happened at that moment and that could affect other units  

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