Industrial application development

Those are real life applications demanding smart software solutions on extraordinary levels. Writing a industrial software that coreographs every step of the way, predicts every situation, warns and delivers results, is not easy and not for everybody. We have that kind of expertise and those kind of programmers. 

Maldives. Port of Male.

Hundreds of ferry arrivals and departures. Tens of thousands of passengers coming by bus, car, motorcycle, on foot. Using NFC cards with waist high electric gates. Servers running, opening gates, counting passengers on their journey and watching not to overload specific vessel.

Islands of St. Kitts and Nevis,

People get sick everywhere, even in paradise like that one. Smart comprehensive healthcare, insurance, software and hardware solution required. Delivered ... installed ... further improved on demand.


Zagreb, Croatia. 

Need to track and count a beer kegs going out and coming back to brewery? They have to be a thoroughly washed every third time. Thousands of kegs, it's not simple as it seems.


Track packaging of fish fillets in salmon processing plant. Divided by weight, quality and type. 60 thousand packages like that. Hundreds of meters of conveyers running at maximum speed. Robots along the line. Hundreds of sensors, tens of servo motors.

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 In regards to industrial applications we can do consulting, site or project supervision or end to end solutions with both hardware and software applications 

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