Smart Card Payment Systems

ePurse should not be mistaken for a credit card. Credit card does NOT contain any money stored in the chip or magnetic stripe. It really represents membership number tied to the account number somewhere in the server. That means when card is swiped system will connect to server through extensive communications infra structure and validate if there is enough money left in account to pay for something.
Our cashless payment systems are different! Take a look:

Simple ePurseONE system that any business could use. Gas station, bakery, grocery store, variety store, fast food restaurant ...

- Completely portable - sales can be done anywhere
- No Internet or network required 

Software available

While ePurseONE is standalone, off-line system ePurseX is hybrid system using extra features:

- ePurseX uses central DB
- ePurseX uses communications, Internet namely, to upload transactions to DB
- ePurseX supports remote card re-charging
- ePurseX uses true POS devices with Ethernet or GSM/GPRS communications
- As true ePurse it is still possible to perform transactions when communications is not present
- Different users are supported in system that can access the backoffice and perform various duties
- Comprehensive reporting is available by quering MSSQL DB
- ePurseX is perfect for large, displaced organization like gas stations, pharmacy chain, ...
- System uses contact chip cards or contactless cards or even mix of both
- System supports 4 digit PIN or fingerprint for security reasons
- There are no limits how many smart payment cards could be used in the system
- There are no limits how many terminals could be used in the system  

Software partly available (customer modification required)

To go to concert, sport event, cinema, special dinner or any kind of organized event where you consumer pays for admittance you need a ticket. In 99% of the cases it is a paper ticket that gets discarded right at the entrance. Practical, but not very environmentally friendly solution!
It does however, provide endless work for printing and paper companies.

What is there was a reusable ticket that will last almost forever, could be personalized for the certain groups of users? How about being smart so it can be programmed for months in advance, give you discount as regular guest, be able to track usage for better event management, fast pass at the entrance? 
Same as many other companies event management loves to get consumers that take and pay for series of events in advance. That is money already collected and many subscribers like that will create significant income before any services are rendered. Valuable customers like that deserve special treatment and again you have to ensure that they receive ticket book with series of tickets that will be used in upcoming weeks or months. What if person didn't have to go to sales office but rather update ticket on-line with secure transaction?

Based on ePurseONE software engine eTicketONE represents practical cashless payment solution for the mass transportation:

* Buses 
* Ferry
* Taxi
* Train

Same kind of NFC ePurse card is used with all. Instead of buying 4 different software packages eTicketONE caters to all. Our software development team made settings to be easy and purposefully designed. By making simple selections opearator sets software to proper mode of operation.

More settings enable operator to build bus routes, setup ferry configurations to legal limits, maintain passenger lists ... while still having a full control over making system profitable business. Pricing schemes are flexible and easy to use.

Instead of using expensive handheld and fixed ticket validators eTicketONE uses a low cost tablet computers + miniature NFC readers. Ask for more information or buy eTicketONE today in order to improve your bus, ferry, taxi or train operations!


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