Have a great idea for smart card system but don't know how to do it?
Start here! We created DESFire (NFC), Java, M.O.S.T. (Infineon) Smart Card SDK! We call it simply:
Smart Card Creator

Did you ever come up with need for smart cards implementation? We are sure you did. For somebody with great idea for the smart card system, it’s a monumental challenge to make that idea into the real life. Where do you even start in order to achieve a primary goal? Not really by searching for off shelf solution on the Internet. If it is your original idea it will not exist anywhere in the first place, right?

Even if idea is for a generic school ID card where do you find something like that? it is not like it's being sold in the corner store. You must search for programmers to do it. 

The main problem you face is finding a right programmers specialized in the smart card systems. Programmers like that are quite rare and therefore expensive. This almost inevitably leads to the costs of development that you simply can not bear. Today, the best option is to find something similar on the open market, but of course, you will not be able to find it. With necessary customizations, the problem will only get worse.

If only there was a easier, better and cheaper way to create smart card systems, then customers could do it for less, in short amount of time and avoid neckbreaking costs.  We at SCCS recognized that there is a clear opportunity to meaningfully impact a huge number of people. Therefore we created SmartCardSDK.

Who can use SmartCardSDK?

Everybody! Literally and figuratively. Shape your smart card project yourself in minutes, no knowledge of coding is needed!

  1. END USERS - almost every business may have need for the smart cards. Institutions, like Universities or basic schools. Companies who need ID cards. Merchants who want to recognize repeating customers and offer rewards. Healthcare, Government ... really anybody. Also our NFC-2 and NFC-8 cards are compatible with card access control systems. Try it now!
  2. PROGRAMMERS - as already pointed out programmers versed in smart card programming are rare. If programmer is knowledgeable in standard programming languages encountering smart cards represents completely new challenge. Instead of spending months in learning how to program the smart cards simply use our SmartCardSDK. It will act as a standalone module that can be used by any programmer to add own contents and usability to the final software package.
  3. EVERYBODY - meaning pretty much anybody with need for the smart cards. Even if you only have idea what you could do with smart cards SmartCardSDK is the easiest way to create and test that idea. Play with it, perfect it at no extra costs.ry it now!

Still need examples to kickstart your mind?

Here is a short list but not limited to ... it is challenge for your imagination!

  • UNIVERSITY, COLLEGE - need a student card for thousands of students? No problem
  • DRIVER'S LICENSE - need a official ID card? Create one in minutes, use built-in ID tools
  • PAYMENT SYSTEM - SDK has a payment system dedicated features built-in, PIN, balance
  • LIBRARY CARD - have thousands of members to control? We have you covered
  • HEALTHCARE - need a card dedicated to confidential patient data? Create one in minutes
  • INSURANCE ID - every insurance in the world needs proper insurance coverage card 
  • SCHOOL - count and control a children's attandance, let them pay for a meal using a card
  • PUBLIC TRANSIT - pay for bus ride, ferry or train using smart card system you created
  • TAXI PAYMENTS - cut crime, implement secure, cashless payments for a taxi rides
  • PRACTICAL BIOMETRICS - validate ID of every person in seconds, enywhere using tablet
  • CUSTOMER REWARDS - if you are merchant keep customers by issuing reward cards
  • SECURE YOUR DATA - store and encrypt important data
  • VEHICLE LICENSE SYSTEM - create a card under 5 minutes, issue hundreds of thousands cards to the vehicle owners
  • CLUB MEMBERSHIPS - run golf club, hunting club, soccer team? ... make card for that
  • CINEMA, THEATRE, STADIUM - need a smart ticketing system with a smart tickets that never expire? You got it! Look no more and no further than SmartCardSDK
  • ANY OF ABOVE + ACCESS CONTROL - our NFC-2 and NFC-8 cards are compatible with electronic door access control system

Many features loaded into simple to use package

Admin user can shape software to desired functionality and brand it too. Make a business out of it!

No Coding

Using a simple interface it is possible to create a functional smart card in minutes, test it, use it ... go for more ... create another one ... never stop

Mobile Friendly

Smart cards + Android phones funcionality is coming up soon. Phone that is already in your pocket will be a workhorse for your new smart card system

OS of choice

Initially system is released to work on any Windows PC, laptop or tablet. Soon, same thing will be possible for Android devices


Point and click and insert your logo, name software with name you like as software is your own creation. Brand it for your customers ... sell many using a single SmartCardSDK package, just add hardware ...

Internet or no Internet

Your smart cards will always work regardless if device handling cards is connected on Internet or not. Ideal for remote applications, like renting kayak on the beach or providing healthcare in the remote village ...

Cloud DB functionality

If you want it, you got it!
It is already integral part of the SmartCardSDK software package. If you have need to store records in the Cloud we have you covered! Students, medical records, payments ... 

Simple and effective customization that everybody could do!

Using predefined template user can simply turn on and off what you need. Change form labels at will:

SmartCardSDK System is packed with features and it’s simplicity of usage is the biggest benefit.

Out of the box:

• 26 fields of data ranging from 4 to 30 characters each

• 2 free text fields with 200 characters capacity (more with larger cards)

• 20 character labels

• Dedicated fields like PIN, picture, fingerprint

• ID card application features with picture in the chip and biometric validation built-in

• 2 balance fields for financial applications

• Rewards points field

• Memory status feature suggesting suitable card

• Windows and Android versions

• Works with tablets and smart phones

• Selection of various readers for stationery and portable applications

• Create and control own encryption keys

• Supports unlimited number of installations

• Supports unlimited number of cards

• Supports specific pre-coded secure NXP and Infineon smart cards


Direct connection to optional Cloud base DB for Cloud operations Features for programmers:

• Script to third party software integration supplied on demand

• Create own software that adds onto SmartCardSDK framework module

• Modify your existing software to accept and handle smart cards

Completely customize final software. Basically SmartCardSDK acts as an software module within your own software giving existing or new application expanded capabilities. You don’t have to break head about smart cards, encryption and read/write features. It is all done up and included in the software module.

Chips used are all Made in Germany by NXP and Infineon. Hereby cards are offered at very economical prices thanks to large sales numbers.

Create and control secret keys to customize and protect each of your customer's systems.

Cards used in the system

Modern, secure, brand name cards are used with SmartCardSDK
NFC-2, NFC-8 cards are also card access control compatible

  1. NXP NFC - DESFire 2k and DESFire 8k. German chip embedded in white, blank PVC card equipped with antenna for NFC (Near Field Communications), contactless transactions. Card access control compatible. Also Infineon NFC cards with built-in M.O.S.T. OS. ry it now!
  2. NXP JAVA - JCOP Java series of cards, J2A040, J2A080. Again German made chips, banking grade security, used in hundreds of millions around the world as credit cards or banking cards. Also Infineon contact cards with a M.O.S.T. OS. Try it now!
  3. DUAL INTERFACE - best of the both worlds, still German made chips, DI (dual interface) cards with both visible contact chip and antenna. Try it now!

Smart card readers and terminals 

Many card readers and terminals are available to fulfil a role you envisioned for your smart card system

Contact readers

Brand name contact smart card readers Made in USA sold for every application imaginable

Fingerprint + contact readers

Brand name quality fingerprint readers Made in USA and Korea. FBI approved templates

NFC readers

NFC readers for every occasionearn more...

$ 399

Standard SDK

NFC or contact cards used.
Most of the users will be perfectly happy with this kit. It is loaded with features and ready to go when you are

$ 499


Contact cards used.
This kit is enhanced by extra ID features. It has fingerprint processing, PIN and picture stored in the chip card

$ 549


NFC cards used.
This kit is same as a ID SDK but has a premium fingerprint reader for NFC cards included in the package

Do we have cards for you!?

Choose between NFC (contactless), contact and dual interface cards. Sold in packages of 50


$ 1 .50
  • NFC smart card with 2k of memory.
  • Contactless for quick transactions. Door access control compatible. Will satisfy almost every need with plenty of space for your data. Our lowest cost smart card


$ 1 .90
  • NFC smart card with 8k of memory.
  • Same as NFC-2 but with more memory needed for ID applications since it stores fingerprint template and picture. Compatible with most door access controls


$ 3 .59
  • Contact smart card with 80k of memory.
  • It can serve with all kits and all purposes with memory to spare. One of the most popular smart cards ever. Hundreds of millions used as banking and credit cards


$ 3 .95
  • NFC/Contact card with 80k of memory
  • This card is best of both worlds, NFC and contact. 80k of memory for any application that comes along. 


Using this SDK you will be able to create your OWN smart cards and smart card systems, not copy third party cards or tap into existing smart card schemes. No returns or exchanges for this SDK.  

Buy Windows Smart Card SDK or enhance it with a

Selection of smart cards and readers

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