About Smart Chip Card Solutions Ltd.

Smart Chip Card Solutions Ltd. was founded in April 2016. SCCS evolved out of Almex SmartCardsource Ltd. which still is a smart card hardware supplier. That company exists for 33 years now.

There is a need for consulting and end to end card system creation. That is where SCCS Ltd. shines. We have years long expertise in inventing and creating smart smart card systems.

Our goal is improvement of lives for general population. We want to make things easier for everyone.

Our services for your future or current smart card projects!

Your smart card project may be in any of the following phases:

Idea - you have that brilliant idea about the smart card system you want to make happen

Proposal - this is past idea phase and now you need to present actual proposal to potential buyer

Development - project is under way and you need to solve some technical or logistics problems

Equipment - project is defined but proper equipment is needed or one envisioned simply doesn't cut it

Engineering - your greatest idea needs work, something like architect making plans for new house

Consulting - pure consulting where you are overwhelmed with interaction with end buyer

Implementation - new system implementation on servers, DBs, Cloud access, configurations

Tech support - supporting after implementation

We can help !

EXPERTISE - comes from hands on experience, know how and 19 years old engagement with smart cards.

CONFIDENTIALITY - our customers projects and secrets are observed and followed to the letter. Your project is your project all the way. From initial idea to actual application.

SAVINGS - smart cards project could be expensive - specially when wrong things are selected and done. Our mission is to propose systems that make sense, that are practical, secure and will not waste funds. We are working for customer's best interest.

Our team

SCCS Ltd. team is available for your projects

Igor Podrug

Team leader and coordinator. Located in Stoney Creek, Canada. 

Marco Krys

Programming lead and implementation specialist. Located in Froya, Norway

Zack Podrug

Project manager, estimator. Located in Stoney Creek, Canada.

Our team of contractors

While building a smart card system a special requirements call for a big guns:

Selmet d.o.o. - Dunja Bituh

Smart mobile and industrial solutions experts. Located in Zagreb, Croatia, EU.

Prempal Singh

Encryption and integration expert. Located in Ghaziabad, India.

Ina Pietschmann

Special consultant to many international bodies and SCCS. Vast knowledge of Africa. Located in Kimurimuri, Zanzibar.

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