Smart Card ID with Fingerprint verification

Smart ID Card Solutions

Here we offer two smart ID systems:

1. General ID, enhanced 
2. National ID, closed loop or ICAO compatibile

You already know smart chip cards for door access, credit card or loyalty card, but there is much, much more. Simple examples are: Health Card, Electronic Driver's License, Insurance Card or Electronic Purse. When we add multilevel access management, biometric identification, server and database log-on, encryption and decryption of messages, real-time updates of cards and usage of mobile message carrier you get the most advanced and secure application. With one card you can even control thousands of other cards.

Student ID

Student ID card, university, college, library ... ID + discounts + even small ePurse for campus restaurants and services.

Insurance ID

InsuranceONE system like this could save insurance companies a lot of money. Cards actively fight insurance fraud and prevent it on many levels.

- Validates card holder's identity (biometric)
- Checks live coverage plan
- Checks for restrictions imposed on account
- Can be activated and de-activated for non payment or expiry purposes in real time
- Enables doctor to create electronic claim in less than minute and get paid quickly
- Controls claim process
- Prevents medical errors

This is the ultimate Insurance Card plus Insurance management back office software! 

Driver's license + vehicle permit

SmartID-ONE saves money on insurance as well ! Days of driving with no insurance are over. That information could be loaded into driver's or vehicle smart license card and changed upon regular payment made to insurance company. Again, easy to check information. No extra papers to be mailed and carried around.

Police, Military and Government

Card can positively identify police officer or soldier to supervising authorities when needed. Each card has a personal data, PIN, colour picture and biometric token. Everything is encrypted and nothing exposed on the face of the card!

- Multilevel system access management
- Send wide area announcements, like wanted persons, instant warnings
- Send instant message to specific unit or all units on the ground
- Every unit can do the same, send message to all or specific unit number
- Warn about crime happened at that moment and that could affect other units 

Advanced ID Card

Chip contains personal ID data plus optional content. Like insurance information. Basic and critical health data. Contacts. Covid info. Employment status.  

Encryption and protection

Stored data is protected by military grade encryption. SCCS mostly uses AES256. Card is locked by 6 PIN code and biometrics (fingerprint).  Also, optional is a colour picture of the cardholder stored in the chip.

Cloud or no Cloud? 

Each ID card represents secure information depository that can be read any time, anywhere. No Internet or connectivity required.  However system can be enhanced with usage of secure Cloud services.

Smart ID card

National ID

In organized society every person needs ID to get recognized by the society and system they live in to enjoy rights and benefits

Fingerprint protection
National ID card

Why do you need system like that?

These days it is hard to find countries and states with no National ID for every citizen. Surprisingly enough examples of no cards are found in what are considered rich and advanced nations like USA and Canada?!

Where a photo ID is asked for people identify themselves with a driver's license! Now that's a surprise. What if you are not a driver? Did you know that each of 50 states in USA issues own driver's license? Similarly is done in Canada with 10 provinces + 3 territories. 

Did you know that all those driver's license cards are simple PVC cards nicely printed but with no technology? What that means is that there is wide spread black market for fake documents. Picture, fine lines and hologram imprinted on the face of the card never stopped Photo Shop "artists" in creating perfect copies of such cards.

At SSCS using technology like fingerprint readers with approved FBI templates we will ensure high quality industry standard templates. Supporting software system will be encrypted end to end to protect privacy of participants and protect all data flow. Fingerprint templates shall be encrypted and stored into the chip cards so verification could be performed anywhere using portable devices. No Internet or data connectivity required.

Cards can be in totally enclosed environment or work in such way that they are machine readable at borders, airports, sea ports or wherever ICAO standards that require. It is up to you, the buyer, to select bare bones required by ICAO or feature rich environment to utilize full potential of smart cards.

Upon request we can offer and make hybrid systems with both ICAO and SCCS full rich data records environment. all that securely stored in miniature smart chip.

It is evident that our product - chip ID cards ensures security of personalization where it matters. In the chip, not on the surface of the card. ID card like that can be read with portable or fixed devices and verified 100% at the spot. No fakes, clones or un-authorized modifications possible!

Our ID systems control who and when can issue and handle ID cards. Small but powerful SAM (Security Access Module) subsystem takes care of that in spades.

Who is potential buyer for those systems?

SCCS Systems - Future of ID

  1. COUNTRIES - in ideal situation whole country (state), regardless if small or big, would want to switch to the National ID system. Having sound ID system is not a special privilege of the few. Going back to paper cards or booklets is not an option any more. For example every citizen of EU can travel anywhere throughout EU (27 countries) with personal ID card only. No passport required. Try it now!
  2. AGENCIES - Government agencies and Ministries like police can't even function properly without proper ID system. Our enhanced, customized smart card systems take out ambiguity and close doors to manipulations and fake IDs. imprinting PVC cards does nothing without involving encrypted data stored in chip. Try it now!
  3. COMPANIES, SCHOOL SYSTEM - better security at work, university, associations, clubs come with membership cards. Cards that can't be cloned. Can expire. Can be cancelled remotely. Can be updated remotely, renewed.Try it now!
Gold smart card with reader

Contact us! If you are unsure how system works and what are benefits of it send an e-mail or make a Skype call. We will gladly explain.  Links to contact form and Skype are right below. 
This system is one of the best BYOB systems as presented in the Kindle book "Be Your Own Bank - reality or pipe dream".

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