Have a great idea for smart card system but don't know how to do it?
Start here! We created DESFire (NFC) and Java Card SDK for Android !


Cards are 100% compatible between Windows and Android

and vice versa

Simple and effective customization that everybody could do!

Using predefined template user can simply turn on and off what you need. Change form labels at will:


Mini POS for Android

HTY711 Mini POS works with new SmartCard Creator - Android edition!
This miniature terminal is all that is needed to utilize Android SDK. Software in the phone or tablet is set to recognize and communicate with this little marvel. This little terminal is equipped with mag stripe reader, contact smart card reader and NFC (contactless) smart card reader. It has an LCD + PIN pad ready for PIN entry (if required). NFC antenna is at the back of the unit so NFC card has to be placed against the back. Built-in battery powers up a unit and runs Bluetooth communication interface.
Battery is Lithium Ion and is capable of performing about 500 transactions before it needs re-charging through micro USB port.A perfect companion for SDK, this device costs about 50 dollars thus saves a money compared to regular POS devices that cost more than 200 and require extensive programming.
Small at 68 grams in weight and 111 x 60 x 12 mm in size. While it will read and write smart cards for any application obvious advantage would be a financial transactions. Get one today and with a SmartCard Creator SDK create your own payment system!


Using this SDK we are able to create your OWN smart cards and smart card systems, not copy third party cards or tap into existing smart card schemes.
We are able to produce truly custom made smart solutions on both fixed and portable platforms.

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