Completed smart card projects

HealthONE - Curacao


Local IT company engaged us to build a new smart health card system with emphasis onto insurance services. Insurance company funded a project. Intention was to build system that in some ways replicates French healthcare system called Vitale. We used same kind of desktop/handheld terminals as a French and German Basic Cards as a main hardware. Idea was to streamline, improve medical services and save money for the insurance company.

Pinnacle Health - USA


Pinnacle Health is company that runs own rewards card system tied to medical services. Every time patient visits approved doctors they get a value points that could be spend on various merchandise. Interesting concept of encouraging people to visit doctors. Everybody gets a smart card and they updated by the doctors. Again we used Basic cards to do the job.

DigiCoins - Canada


This was a frist privately owned payment system started in Canada. We used NXP, the German manufacturer of the JCOP31 dual interface smart cards. Inventor of the system was running ATM and POS sales and rental business in Sundbury, Ontario. he built many financial features into the system. 250 of the Xiring handheld terminals from France and 25000 cards were used for the initial release. Terminals ultimately used were POS from Korean company that supports both contact and NFC smart cards. Value of project was 1.2 Million dollars.   

African Royal House - Mozambique


Doctor running a health insurance decided to improve services and actively fight fraud by using the smart card system. Increasingly both patients and doctors were defrauding insurance company to the point where they had to do something quickly or go bankrupt. We used German made smart cards and PC application to control spending and limit doctors with what they can do with billings. System completely satisfied all requirements.

DMC Mining - Canada


BHP Billiton, one of the largest mining companies in the world was running open mine in Saskatchewan, Canada. Having hundreds or rather thousands of people and vehicles coming and going to and from site required control who is coming, who is leaving through several gates. 24/7. Not only that but safety regulations required muster reporting capabilities. That means control and list of persons who came in and never left. We used Psion rugged handheld terminals + Mifare NFC cards and wrote software that fulfilled all requirements. Handhelds used WiFi to feed data into central server for remote reporting services.

Lott Physical Therapy - USA


Card system for outpatients who are bound to use therapy at Lott Physical therapy facility in Texas, USA. System uses NFC cards for quick registration, identification and door unlocking.

SCCS Most Comprehensive Systems

World Health Card - Norway


For Norwegian customers we built the health smart card system. System satisfies stringent privacy requirements and integrates many health services and data in a single smart card. Myriad of medical data, many security features, security sub-system, many functions. We chose Geman Basic Cards, US made fingerprint readers and US made smart card readers. Chip is 32k in size and has advanced encryption capabilities.    

MTCC Ferry services - Maldives


MTCC is company running ferry and bus services in the country of Maldives. Port of Male has a traffic of hundreds of ferries with about 30000 passengers per day. We provided a software package + suitable hardware to run several waist high turnstiles, side entrance for passengers on motorcycle or in cars and also equipped buses with NFC validators. Initially 25000 smart cards were used for the system. Also, several of the large screen TVs were put up to help passengers find their way to time tables and ferries. There are also kiosks where passengers can check their smart tickets for balance and transactions. Cashless system like that helps flow of passengers and also satisfies some safety regulations imposed by port authority

eHealthONE - St. Kitts & Nevis


Based on our initial product from 2006, HealthONE comes eHealthONE. The most comprehensive health smart card in the world. Compared to the German card, French card, Taiwanese card and many others, feature for feature our cards are the winners. System is specifically made for Africa where systems like that must work on-line and off-line as well. eHealthONE is made in such way that it is beneficial for the patients, doctors, therapists, pharmacy, Government and insurance companies. Integrated is also kiosk, medical billing, digital prescriptions, digital ID and some funcionalities one normally does not see in the medical cards. It is ideal for insurance companies who pay medical bills. In usage by NCI (National Caribbean Insurance) eHealthONE provides better and more efficient healthcare. Saves time and money to everybody involved.

InsuranceX - Uganda - Coming soon!


At request from Sanlam insurance company from Kampala, Uganda we are working on project of replacing a complete insurance software system. Sanlam has multiple locations throughout the Africa and one in UK. Current system is outdated and inadequate with no real data outputs. Reporting is almost non existent and does not allow management to have important business decisions.
New system is based on biometrics, it protects privacy, controls adjudication and claims flow, validates patients at medical institutions. Enables doctors to create digital claims in a minute or less. Front end is Internet browser based so doctors can use any PC platform and have easy way with it. System will protect insurance bottom line and improve all interactions between human and computers. There is a valuable modern Data Base, encrypted and protected. So far there are 40000 members and about 400 medical institutions.
After first phase and about 3 months run Sanlam will possibly take more software modules, namely Android, to increase functionalities and practicality of the system.   

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