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Looking for out-of-the-box smart card systems?

Low $$

Check selection below. Those are Out-of-the-Box packages that could be ordered and deployed as soon as they are installed! Every piece of software shall be branded with buyer's name and logo.
Have a bright idea but don't know how to make it to life? We are also perfectly capable of making custom solutions. If you don't see software application you need write to us and we will quote customized software package. 

smart card for android

Cards are 100% compatible between Windows and Android

and vice versa

smart card with fingerprint

Cards are 6 digit PIN protected
Biometric ID ( Fingerprint) available standard for all smart card applications.

Fingerprint verification

Smart ID Cards

Are you in need of ID cards? 

ID cards can take many forms.  Anything from: membership cards, student ID, company ID, insurance card, health card, employee card and many more. There are businesses or Government agencies where ID card is a definitive requirement and compulsory item since security requires proper ID presentation and checking. For example military, police forces, border staff. There simple printed PVC card won't cut it. It is just too easy to copy and clone such ID and damage by perpetuators can be horrendous. 
All our ID card systems comes protected in 4 ways:

1. Six digit PIN
2. Fingerprint stored in the chip
3. Color picture of the cardholder stored in the chip
4. Unbreakable encryption to protect data written in the smart chip 

Protect yourself. Get your ID project going today!

National ID smart card

National ID Cards

Is your country or state looking to introduce national ID smart card system?

Probably so but so far high implementation costs were stopping that idea in tracks. The highest level of ID card would be a National ID card. Something what every citizen needs to have in order to be properly identified. See example on the left. Chip used by Croatian Government is NXP Java properly encrypted and loaded with personal ID info, citizenship number and in case of latest issues the same card serves as a health card as well. 
SCCS can make ID card system can be 100% proprietary, custom made or it can be formatted according to International ICAO standards. That means cards are  machine readable on any airport or at the borders. 
SCCS can build such system for you. System that will be economical and secure at the same time. National ID card can have countless benefits for both country, state and citizens.  

smart health insurance

Smart Insurance

Is your company losing money to insurance fraud? 

Regardless if insurance is small, big or even nation wide system, losing money to fraudulent claims should not be accepted and tolerated.  Fraud is wide spread and makes everyone pay more for the coverage. One of the most common practices is when person with insurance coverage shares his membership card with family members or friends with no coverage. 

We have a perfect solution for you! Smart insurance system called InsuranceX. Click to find out more.


Health Smart Card

Still having paper cards or booklets acting as a proof of health coverage?

This could be the most useful application for "Out-of-the-box" smart cards! Smart health card system is dream of many nations, yet out of the reach because of the large costs associated with system like that. 

Here we can offer not one but two health smart card systems.  eHealthONE and eHealthONE-X. First one is fast to deploy, simple, very economically priced, low cost hardware with functionality  everybody could use.  And there is eHealthONE-X with extended functionality and many features,


SmartGold Club



Our present payment systems are failing us. Many things are wrong with  monetary systems directly resulting in currencies they are based on are rotten. USD, CAD, EUR, AUS, GBP ... All of them need replacement. There would be nothing wrong going back and paying with silver and gold coins but here we offer practical system that could effectively bring a gold standard back to old glory and with new functionality. 

Extra Features 



Add Cloud DB functionality to every software package listed above. It is very easy to implement it by entering credentials to the main software. 2 lines to be exact is all it takes. Reward is on-line DB that records every card and can be viewed when card is not present. Search, reporting, remote control of the card, message to the card and even remote card kill is possible using this valuable feature.

Pricing - Hardware - Customization


Our software comes on memory stick and is ready to go. All that at the fraction of the cost others would charge. If you ever asked for smart card system software quote you could learn that vendor is talking about many tens of thousands of dollars. Likely hundreds of thousands. Months or years of development. Licenses that have to be paid, renewed and are closely monitored. And tech support is there, but prepare deep pockets to use it.

None of that is true with our software packages. They are good, secure, inexpensive and we really want you to succeed using our solutions! Happy customer will order a lot of cards and there is where we come in providing all that. Tech support is included, does not cost anything and we will explain things as they are. When you buy a software you have a license to duplicate it as many times as possible. We actually wish you do. Success for us is in volumes.

Every piece of software we deliver to end user comes branded with provided name and logo so as soon as it is installed it's ready to go. Efficiency is name of the game here. You paid for system and now it's time for the system to earn money for you! Immediately, no delays and additional expenses for this extra module or that extra module.

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