Smart Health Card Solution

Represents pinnacle of engineering, smart card programming and usability effort. No other medical smart card in use today has the same functionalities and versatility found in eHealthONE-X.
It is not just a health card but a whole system suite built on foundations to be secure, portable and a universal carrier of personal medical records.
Loaded with features not found anywhere else eHealthONE-X creates new standards in smart health card systems. Anybody thinking about upgrading their paper based or PC based health system to smart health cards system should not waste opportunity and check out our eHealthONE solution.

Advanced Medical Card

eHealthONE is the most versatile medical smart card in the world today, bar none. Feature for feature it beats other cards

Advanced Insurance Card

2 insurance accounts, real time insurance coverage validation, 100% patient ID verification, instant claim facility

Government services

The same  health card also supports Government services like visas information, driving license and electronic voting

Advanced ID functionality

eHealthONE-X has built-in native advanced ID capabilities. Out of the box card can serve as an national ID card at no extra costs

smart health card system software

eHealthONE package! Software package with everything doctor needs to start accepting eHealthONE-X cards. 1 x smart card reader, 1 x fingerprint/smart card reader, 1 x doctor's personal login card + memory stick with software + 10 patients cards ready to go!

eHealthONE cards to go! Package of the patient's cards, printed with desired artwork denoting your brand and advertising information. Cards are all visually the same because personalization is electronic so person's name does not be to imprinted on the card. saves a lot of money and logistics. 

eHealthONE-X package

Not one but two great options!

Go simple, low cost, high efficiency way or go for Mercedes of the health cards?

  1. eHealthONE - based on NXP DESfire cards (8k) or NXP JCOP Java cards (80k). Actually mix and match the two at will. Also works with Windows tablet for portable operations. Also supports Android tablets or Android smart phones. Low tech requirements. The single reader does it all. Inexpensive. Easy to start and implement.  it now!
  2. eHealthONE-X - based on Basic Cards by German manufacturer (31k).  Loaded with features. Many software modules. Ultimate security and privacy protection. Anti fraud protection. Optional Government page. Completely off-line operations or connected to SCCS Cloud. Ideal for Africa or any other place where Internet communications are sporadic. Try it now!
  3. SCCS CLOUD - while both systems can work in full off-line mode optional SCCS Cloud can give whole system new level of practical usage.  Try it now!
eHealthONE smart card
eHO demo kit
eHealthONE This could be the most useful application for "Out-of-the-box" smart cards! National health card is dream of many nations yet out of the reach because of the large costs associated with system like that. There is absolutely no easier, faster and more economical way to achieve that goal than our Health Smart Card application! Super economical price, low running costs, quick and easy deployment alleviate fear of runaway expenses. Suitable NFC card costs below 2 dollars and it will last forever! Cards like that can and will save lives!
Start of the system could be even a single doctor's office, small or big hospital. A few hundred or few thousand patients cards. Everybody will benefit from personal medical card. Smart cards are simply the most secure, practical way to carry around personal medical records. ID, insurance info, basic medical and life critical data. Important doctor's notes could easily be stored and read from the card. Anywhere. No Internet required!

Privacy is protected with many security mechanisms built into every card. 6 digit PIN, picture in the card, biometric token take out doubts and remove every possibility of mistaken identity or outright medical fraud! The most importantly, no more medical errors that cost lives!

Use NFC (contactless) or contact cards (eHealthONE only). They come white blank and could be printed with desktop printers or pre-printed by SCCS for immediate usage. Security of the system is ensured by Military grade encryption. 

Or use contact cards with 1400 possible pieces of information stored right into the chip (eHealthONE-X). Carry your medical and personal information with you anywhere you go or travel! Each card comes with multiple eWallets which, if activated, can turn card into payment card for goods and services. 

eHealthONE=X is health insurance company's best friend. System actively fights medical insurance fraud that can otherwise be committed undetected. System will save insurance piles of money due to preventing fraudulent claims.

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