Smart Payment Card  for Gold and Silver

Smart Gold - Silver Card Solution

During development this system was dedicated to the gold (precious metals) dealers and precious metals secure storages. However, lately there is a crises of USD as a global (reserve) currency. Far East countries are looking to replace USD with better and more fair money system. Not that any other currencies are faring much better. Currency crises is problem spread all over the world. Every country is affected and every country needs a better solution. 

Suddenly gold became a focus of many central banks as the most valuable store of value and sound money. It is actually the only and last universal measure of value left standing. Silver is there as a close second. We at SCCS Ltd. recognized this in 2017. and after some debating created a smart card system called SmartGold Club.

Here we offer system that could effectively bring a gold standard back to old glory and functionality.
The SmartGold Club is the very best way for a small gold investor to build up and preserve wealth. SmartGold Club removes many problems and hurdles on the path to personal or company gold reserves. When we say gold we always mean silver as well.

It provides numerous opportunities for a gold dealer to achieve better market penetration and acquire thousands of customers that otherwise would never walk into their stores or purchased from their on-line stores. In the case system is applied to whole country central bank would run the system.

Obviously name we chosen is there for marketing and recognition purposes. We can re-brand it to anything.

Building Wealth  - One Gram at the Time

Inability to sell and handle small amounts of precious metals is the number one problem for precious metals dealers. Buyers can't buy what they can't pay with what they have available in the pocket.

Second biggest problem is storage and manipulations with purchased gold and silver. While amount of gold is small individual investors can coup with it. But as holdings grow they become danger to the owner. We solved that problem with professionally run secure storages.  

System represents complete gold/silver sales management and enables local or remote sales of fractional amounts of metals.

How do we do it? Using SmartGold Membership cards! They are encrypted smart chip cards loaded with information about customer's GOLD and SILVER holdings. Every member gets a card and all transactions are securely recorded in the chip. That card is in end user's pocket protected by 6 digit PIN and optionally a fingerprint. There is also colour photo of the cardholder as an extra security option. Securely locked card represents their passport to wealth!

The system has a flexibility of a Bitcoin so member is able to: buy, store, exchange, send to distance, pay, pay via escrow, send as a gift, sell portion or all of his holdings at will. Transactions are fast and secure, could be done from comfort of home. Never fear that somebody will hack into digital wallet and steal wealth. 

If you have far sight and can envision something great contact us and we'll explain how we can help.

Advanced Gold - Silver Card

Encrypted storage in the chip contains 2 digital wallets.  Each wallet is independent and represented with number like 1.23456 represents weight of gold in grams, 99.99 fineness of corresponding precious metal.

Encryption and protection

Digital wallets are protected by military grade encryption. Card is locked by 6 PIN code and biometrics (fingerprint).  Also, optional is a colour picture of the cardholder stored in the chip.

Secure storage 

While actual gold and silver holdings are in secure vault card goes everywhere where cardholder is going. Using either wallet cardholder is able to pay any kind of goods or services in metal of choice, provided that eWallet contains enough precious metal.

smart gold chip

Who is potential buyer for this system?

Future of payments - Sound money

  1. COUNTRIES - in ideal situation whole country, regardless if small or big, would want to switch to the gold standard. Having sound monetary system is not a special privilege of the few. Worse, country's currency should not be controlled by third parties but by the people. Sound money are gold and silver. Everything else is artificial and speculative creation out of thin air.  Try it now!
  2. GOLD MINTS - somebody like Royal Canadian Mint in Canada, Perth Mint in Australia or Pamp Suisse from Switzerland would be a perfect candidate to run system like that. Bring all their dealers into the network and leverage all their customer base. Hundreds of thousands of people would engage in effective promotion and gold / silver usage as money.Try it now!
  3. LARGE GOLD DEALERS - large gold dealers around the world would greatly benefit from system like that. For example DeGussa in Germany. They have international presence in EU. System would bring together tens of thousands of customers who buy gold and silver. They probably take it home and hide it in many not so great ways.  As with this Try it now!
Gold smart card with reader

Contact us! If you are unsure how system works and what are benefits of it send an e-mail or make a Skype call. We will gladly explain.  Links to contact form and Skype are right below. 
This system is one of the best BYOB systems as presented in the Kindle book "Be Your Own Bank - reality or pipe dream".

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